Introducing domotic in our interior architecture


Some time ago, from our facet referred to the interior architecture, we talked about home automation and its benefits. Over time, this new technology is still more than in force and developing in favor of the comforts in the home. Today we present our partner in Domotics; DomoAlfred.

Catalan company that designs, among others, Smart Homes, exclusively and adapted to the specific needs, since each person and each house are different. Moreover, they propose solutions for each member of the household, in order to provide comfort and maximum energy efficiency.

For those who are a little lost in terms of interior architecture and home automation, or remote control of the home, today basically you can do everything; from programming electronic devices, turning lights on and off, sound volumes, windows, etc.

All managed comfortably from your mobile device safely.

DomoAlfred also integrates an intelligent irrigation system in its SmartHomes, which, through humidity sensors, will detect the accumulated water level of rainfall, avoiding the activation of unnecessary automatic irrigation and converting the home into a more sustainable home. All with a special taste in terms of design.

DomoAlfred has a new space where we can see a small sample of its implementation and the different benefits it offers. This is the Showroom located at 205 Numancia Street in Barcelona, ​​where you will be treated with pleasure.