“Jòdul Lab”, much more than interior design


We present today one of our latest interior design projects. This is the new Showroom of Jòdul, the prestigious brand of materials supplies for construction. Its commitment to the landing in Barcelona has been made effective with the opening of a laboratory of materials destined only to the professionals of the sector, as its name indicates; Jòdul Lab.

An agile and versatile proposal where the material and its particular way of exposing it is the true protagonist, betting on an intentional neutrality, so that the exposed material obtains its relevance.

This is achieved through for example high work tables, which in turn are converted into sample containers. Accompanied by adjustable stools that allow the one who is playing and combining the samples to be in a comfortable position. These characteristics make of this space more than a place of exhibition, so the brand wanted it and thus reflects the result, with a character of work place, studio or laboratory.

The building element par excellence is a metal tube of thirty by thirty, which allows to develop all the exhibition systems, as a structure, forming shelves and support panels.

Thus, this innovative idea is based on Jòdul’s willingness to exhibit the most advanced developments in porcelain flooring in a locality. This reason also justifies our commitment to the flooring format of the floor, which reaches 300x150cm, a challenge of installation.

We are waiting for you all on Numancia street!