Key ideas to create your home office


Are you looking for the perfect corner to set up a home office? Do you need a new domestic space in which to concentrate and work without distractions? Discover the keys to create the perfect home office and telecommute from home as if you were in the office.

Diseño Home Office - Molins Design
Diseño Home Office - Molins Design


In recent years, we have been forced to adapt our homes to the new normal. The lack of space and the constant changes in our lifestyle have made us search insatiably for the creation of new spaces that are more practical, efficient and comfortable.

There are many interior design ideas that have emerged in recent times, one of the most interesting being the concept of Hoffice, better known as home office. Teleworking from home has become a discovery for many; a new way of working that, during the Covid-19 pandemic, was one of the best solutions to improve work-life balance.

However, many of us found ourselves at the crossroads of looking for and readapting a space in our home to create an office where we could work from Monday to Friday at home. Undoubtedly, a challenge for those of us who also had a small home.

In today’s article we will talk in depth about the keys and ideas to create a home office at home without dying in the attempt. Some tips and tricks that will help you find the perfect corner for your home office and telework without problems as if you did it from your usual workplace. Let’s start!

Teleworking in the domestic space

Fully immersed in a post-pandemic scenario, teleworking lands in our homes and designing an office within the home becomes more essential every day. Either as its own room or as a modular space within a shared room, such as the living room or bedroom. Either way, the creation of private offices at home is gaining momentum and becoming the most important rooms in the most modern interior designs.

At Molins Design we have been betting for some time on the new concept of home office. Above all, to design work rooms with functional and efficient furniture. The important thing here is that the new work area offers multiple uses, both for work and for the more private facets of each user. Therefore, the home office forces us to redesign spaces with good lighting -either natural or through artificial lighting-, but also drives us to redefine the acoustic insulation for video calls and remote meetings at any time.

If you are interested in the subject, read on carefully and take note of the type of furniture you should opt for and what will be the most comfortable and convenient decorations to create your home office at home.

How to adapt our home to telework?

1. Create an exclusive space to work

Leisure and work are two terms that do not work very well together. Therefore, the first step to create an ideal home office is to separate both and think about the perfect location for our new private office.

Remember that it is very important to create an exclusive space to work, other than the kitchen table or the dining room sofa. Think about defining and designing a specific area so that you can telework comfortably and efficiently. Something that you will appreciate especially if you have children or relatives at home during the whole day.

Where can we locate the office or private office at home to avoid distractions and be more productive? We must ask ourselves this question to discard those spaces of passage as the living room or kitchen. As we have been saying, the best thing to do is to look at other more private rooms in the home!

2. Choosing the right desk and work chair

Of course, the basic furniture of any home office is the work table and chair. Therefore, as long as you can, choose a table that is high enough so that you are not hunched over. Also, the table should be wide and spacious so that you can be comfortable and fit all your work equipment.

And how to choose the office chair? From Molins Design we recommend you to buy an ergonomic chair model, adjustable and adaptable to your back. This way, you will avoid injuries and muscle overload at the end of each working day. By the way, it is very important that the chair also has armrests and wheels to move it easily around the space.

Do not forget, in any case, the aesthetics of both accessories. Work table and chair must fit in with the rest of the home decoration, as well as being comfortable, practical and adaptable to the space.

3. Don’t forget to have good lighting

Whenever possible, we will locate our office or home office in a room with plenty of natural light. Having a window will be vital to get more light during the day and even improve our concentration levels and energy efficiency. It will also be vital to be able to ventilate the room and renew the air easily.

If it is not possible, we will think of placing a good artificial lighting, which will replace the function of natural light. For it, we can count on several wall spotlights and some other standing or hanging lamp.

In any case, we will place the computer screen parallel to the light, to avoid that this one dazzles us and causes annoying reflections at the time of working.

4. Decorate the environment with things that make us happy.

The trick to achieve the perfect decoration in a home office is to have those accessories or objects that are necessary. Do not start filling the office with items that are not going to be useful in your day to day life. By doing so, you will only help clutter to run rampant throughout the room.

It is also important to take care of the aesthetics of the workspace we are going to create. We can decorate it according to our tastes and the style of the rest of the home decorations. Among some tips, we recommend you to think about decorating with plants for offices or even including some shelves with your favorite books.

5. Always keep organized

Order is essential to work in good conditions and for concentration and creativity to flow. Therefore, one of the most important keys when creating a home office is to take the time to organize the space in a way that helps you to keep it always in order.

6. A storage corner is essential

To maintain order it is also important to use elements that allow the storage and classification of all your work material and documents in a simple and invisible way: filing cabinets, organizers, boards and moodboards to hang inspirational images, notes and photos, etc.

7. Keep your work material at hand

For your productivity to increase or be equal to that offered at your usual workstations, it is important to have everything at hand and in front of your eyes at all times.

You can’t afford to waste a few minutes looking for that document, invoice or receipt you need to complete a vitally important task. Therefore, we recommend that you have the necessary storage elements and that you take a moment every day to keep all your work accessories in order.

At first it may seem an impossible task, but if we get an orderly office …. We will get a big step forward to improve our performance and motivation!