Keys to finding the best contemporary style decor in single-family homes


Are you looking to include a note of glamor in your home? At Molins Design we explain the keys to have the best contemporary style decoration in single-family homes.

Decoración de estilo contemporáneo en casas unifamiliares - Molins Design
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Simple does not mean boring. We can have a contemporary home, adapted to our daily routine, that is simple and functional. But that also stands out for its sophisticated, elegant and classy decoration. Do you feel like it?

The contemporary style in interior decoration is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting trends that we are most passionate about. In our interior design studio we work closely linked to the latest trends. But if we find a way to combine trend and functionality in the home, we usually say that we have a successful interior design project. 

In today’s article we take a look at what contemporary style is and what it has meant in interior design. A leading style, which today becomes the best ally of single-family homes.


What is contemporary style?

In interior design, the contemporary style responds to the type of homes or houses that fit the time we are living in. In fact, many of the single-family homes being built today are built in the contemporary style. 

The pandemic has forced us to make many personal changes and has inevitably affected the change in our daily habits within the home. Now it is not enough to have a beautiful home, but it also comes into play to have a functional home. 

Any project of architecture, design and interior decoration today is made thinking about what will be more practical and comfortable. In addition to other aesthetic aspects of the house, the location of each of the windows and doors of the house is important. As well as the efficient choice and use of the lights of the home, its decoration and adaptation to each room, etc. 

But, how to identify a contemporary style home? The house that adapts to the present and that respects the most outstanding decorative standards of the moment is, in every rule, a contemporary home. However, so that you are not left with doubts about this type of house, let’s see below some of its characteristics.

Decoración de estilo contemporáneo en casas unifamiliares - Molins Design


In the new interior design projects, the creation of new spaces comes into play; such as offices to telecommute comfortably at home, with libraries and other accessories to store documents. It also takes special importance the union of spaces such as the dining room and kitchen, to enjoy a diaphanous environment.

Decoración de estilo contemporáneo en casas unifamiliares - Molins Design
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Decoración de estilo contemporáneo en casas unifamiliares - Molins Design

Characteristics of contemporary houses

Obviously, the interior design of a single-family house is unique and unrepeatable. But, as a rule, we can highlight the following peculiarities of contemporary style:

1.- Simple and comfortable environment, adapted to the present time.

Contemporary style single-family homes are identified by having an atmosphere of comfort and simplicity in all their rooms. The decoration is usually fresh but, at the same time, sophisticated and elegant. Totally adapted to the latest trends in home decoration.

We can say that the contemporary style is comfortable, simple and elegant at the same time: the perfect union between simplicity and comfort. 

2.- Preference for 'open space'

As we have already said, the contemporary style opts for soft profiles against ornament-laden decorations. In fact, the open space is as important as what you are going to place inside. 

The premise of this contemporary style is to open the spaces to the outside, having each and every room of the home connected. The feeling of spaciousness and freedom is key in the contemporary style, being a fundamental premise to enjoy a unique space, without partitions or walls that divide the space and reduce it. 

3.- Use of natural and sustainable materials.

Sustainability is a key term for single-family homes that follow the contemporary style. Therefore, natural materials such as fir wood, cedar wood and even stone or cork are used for its construction and interior decoration. 

For textile complements, ecological materials such as silk, linen or cotton are usually chosen; textures that add to the rooms of the home the maximum comfort, simplicity and that organic touch that characterizes the contemporary style. 

Natural elements are also often represented in more modern single-family homes with the decoration with plants.

4.- Avant-garde furniture

The important thing here is to choose functional and practical furniture that fits perfectly with the available space. Contemporary style decoration in single-family homes stands out for having furniture with straight and pure lines, without too many complications. 

Glass or stainless steel furniture are very present in the contemporary style. Although remember, in this type of single-family homes… Less is more! Think carefully about the furniture to be placed in each room and only have the accessories that are relevant and functional.

It is useless to have a large collection of furniture and accessories or ornaments. It is better that they are punctual and placed correctly in the right place. Here the important thing is to choose the elements that are functional. Everything that is not used, it is better to leave it out. 

5.- Neutral colors

The colors that stand out in a contemporary style house are white and neutral tones. White walls, where different furniture and complements can be perfectly combined. 

Decorative textiles such as sofas or carpets acquire in contemporary style decoration a plus of identity, highlighting with more striking and powerful colors. However, peace, comfort and balance must reign in these homes. Therefore, the palette of light colors will always be the most identifiable.

6.- Efficient lighting

As with the decoration, the lighting in a contemporary home should be as efficient and warm as possible. Hence the use of track and recessed luminaires, which help to leave a clean wall. Combined with focal and direct lights to highlight any important furniture or decoration. 

Here it will also be important to use and take advantage of the natural light that enters the home. A light that, combined with artificial light, will give the ideal point of comfort to each space.