Keys to the interior layout of single-family houses and choice of materials


Discover the secrets for the interior layout of single-family houses. How to make the right choice of building materials and final decoration?

Escaleras de diseño - distribución interior en casas unifamiliares
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Juego de espejos - Distribución interior en casas unifamiliares


When we are faced with the interior and exterior reform of a large house, the number of square meters available becomes a double-edged sword; and is that, although we have all dreamed of having a spacious house, it is not always easy to make it functional and practical.

As specialists in interior design and decoration, one of our most interesting jobs is to take advantage of each space to carry out a correct distribution of the house. Therefore, from Molins Design we offer the advice and planning necessary to know how to distribute a single-family house well and thus achieve that it meets the expectations and needs of its owners.

In today’s article we explain the phases that we study before carrying out a project of reform or new work for the design of single-family houses. But, we will also look for the best ideas and solutions to make the most of the spaces of any home.

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How to distribute a single-family house?

The interior distribution in single-family houses is essential to make our home a comfortable and functional place. Therefore, it is very important to know the keys to achieve the perfect distribution of a house.

Below, we list our work phases; stages that we plan as the interior design project progresses over time. These phases are:

1.- To know the interior design project

The first thing to do is to know the spaces of the single-family house to be renovated. Therefore, we schedule with the owners a first visit to the house to know the original distribution and note the improvements that can be made as far as the use of space is concerned.

In this first phase of the project we take photos and measurements of each room of the home. All this, to see and think about each and every one of the possibilities that the space can offer.

2.- Write down the client's needs

Closely linked to the first phase of the project definition is the most important and decisive stage: getting to know your needs and desires first hand. This is when we listen and take note of what you want to change, what your tastes are and even the approximate budget.

In order to make the interior layout in single-family homes a success, we love to know where you are in your life. For example, if you are a young couple with young children, who decide to move to the outskirts of a big city. Or, on the contrary, if you are a married couple with grown-up children, who are already independent, and who only come to visit the family home on weekends.

All these details become privileged and essential information so that the spaces of a house are adapted to your needs and tastes.

3.- Defining the spaces of the house

With all your requests in mind, we went into defining the spaces of the house: dimensions and uses. For this phase of the project we work one by one on each room to be renovated: kitchen, dining room, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms and exterior.

At this point, we also include the creation of new rooms (if necessary). In fact, many clients take advantage of the renovation to create new areas for work, leisure and/or rest.

4.- Choice of construction materials

As the characteristics of each room of the home are defined, the choice of materials is made. This usually starts with the choice of flooring (parquet, stoneware, ceramic floor, etc.), followed by the selection of materials for furniture, paint for walls, etc.

5.- Selecting the finishes of the decoration

In a final phase, it is key to define the lighting that will work best in each space of our single-family home. As well as the decorative elements that we will need to give that touch of elegance and functionality to our home.

In most cases, these last finishes are obtained from our most trusted suppliers in the national and international market. Although, in some projects we also carry out our own lighting or decoration projects with custom-made products and furniture. 


Ideas to make the most of the space


Every renovation is different, but there are ideas and solutions for making the most of the space in any home.

The first idea is closely linked to the concept of open space, a term used to describe the elimination of barriers, such as walls and doors, which traditionally separated different functional areas.

As we did in the interior design project in Barcelona: Mansan House, we combined the kitchen, living room and dining room in a single large room. You can’t deny that here the open space works like a charm!

Also, along with a careful and coherent aesthetic, in Casa Équer we managed to give the space a great feeling of spaciousness and brightness, thanks to the set of backlit mirrors that we use in all its bathrooms.

In fact, there are other works in which the new interior distribution gave a 180º turn to the functionality of each room. This is the case of Roman House, an isolated house with rooms designed and created to function both independently and to host family moments. Although it is a large house, its interior distribution was perfectly resolved. Living room, dining room and kitchen form a single environment, to which are also visually connected two large areas for work space and a gym.

If you need help or advice on how to get the most out of the distribution of space in your home, remember that you can contact us. Send us an email or call us to explain your needs, we are waiting for you!