Kitchen design integrated in the countertop


Discover the new way of cooking! Bring together functionality and aesthetics in the interior design of your home by opting for a modern kitchen integrated into the countertop. We explain everything you need to know about the cooking rack.

Cocina integrada en la encimera
Cocina integrada en la encimera


Are you planning to completely change the way you cook at home? From Molins Design we bring you the latest avant-garde trend for the kitchen: the cooking rack or kitchen design integrated into the countertop. A revolutionary type of kitchen, also known as hidden kitchen, with which you can prepare menus like a real Michelin star chef.

We are talking about the new smart countertops; kitchens that integrate modern gas or ceramic hobs invisible at first glance. In other words, an innovative worktop concept that allows cooking on a smooth and continuous surface, since its burners are integrated independently and directly into the worktop. As a result, kitchens of great visual continuity are obtained, where functionality and design combine perfectly with the rest of the elements of the room. In addition, this integrated cooking system saves considerable space in the kitchen, and thanks to the exclusivity of its elements, unique and trendy spaces can be created.

Stay to know the advantages of cooking directly on the countertop and discover why the interior designers of the moment are betting heavily on this type of kitchen and technical cooking system.

TPB Kitchens: Invisible Induction Cooktops

Invented and developed in Spain, TPB invisible induction cooktops have completely changed the way of working and being in the kitchen. Opting for this type of cooktop allows the user to cook on a surface without glass or visible fires. A type of invisible ceramic hob that has improved a lot in the last 30 years and has professionalized its design compared to the classic induction hobs.

Today, many customers choose the concept of concealed cooktops for their homes. In fact, many opt for this type of cooktop-integrated cooktop for a number of reasons and advantages:

More space to work with

With invisible induction you gain a lot of space to work in the kitchen, as the entire surface can be used as a worktop or work table while cooking or not.

Minimal heat transfer

It is one of the safest products on the market, as it allows you to work just one centimeter away from the cooking zone due to the low residual temperature on the surface of the cooktop.

Easy and quick to clean worktops

The worktop with integrated glass-ceramic hob does not have a hob, so it can be easily and conveniently cleaned.

Wide range of finishes

TPB Tech currently offers 15 different integrated cooktop finishes. Matte and semi-polished induction cooktops with different shades, natural stone veining and various textures. In addition, there are different fire formats, larger or smaller depending on the cooking needs.

Aesthetics and convenience

 Induction cooktops of this type combine functionality and aesthetics in equal parts. In fact, they are the perfect type of cooktop for live showcooking. 

Greater energy savings

These concealed induction cooktops have low energy consumption compared to what is currently available on the market.

This new invisible integrated induction cooktop makes the classic cooking elements obsolete, giving way to a completely avant-garde technology, which seeks the highest quality and a minimalist design that can be combined in any decorative style.

Undoubtedly, the invisible cooking systems are the ones that are revolutionizing the latest trends in kitchen design. All this, thanks to its simplicity, resistance and aesthetics. So, if you are a lover of the kitchen and the minimalist, you will find in these invisible induction systems the perfect solution for your kitchen.

Pitt cooking: Design and tradition with modern gas hobs

As a general rule, and as we have seen so far, concealed kitchens include induction hobs. However, if you prefer to go for the tradition of the classic stove with hobs, there is also the possibility of placing modern gas hobs that integrate perfectly into the worktop.

The famous Pitt cooking modular cooktops are integrated independently and directly into the kitchen countertop, resulting in a gas cooktop with high performance burners. The good thing about this type of cooktop is that the customer can choose in advance the number of burners he wants and their fixed position on the countertop, to freely design the space of his kitchen. In addition, and far from what one might imagine, the technology used in the creation of this cooking system guarantees a minimum heat transfer to the work surface in question. However, its hobs heat up instantly and, once switched off, cool down quickly so that they can be cleaned without any problem.

Advantages of Pitt cooking

Unlike more traditional cooktops, which have little space between the burners, the Pitt cooking system provides extra space so that all burners can be used simultaneously. In addition, this revolutionary design includes fully independent burners, with the cooktop material visible between them.

Without a doubt, Pitt cooking is now the best alternative for those who prefer gas for their kitchens and do not want to neglect design and aesthetics.

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