Kitchen Reform Ideas (Our Work Reflections)



In the third chapter of our capsules of Our work reflections we will focus on ideas to reform kitchens. Although the project referred to during the conversation goes through different phases of the project, without a doubt, the star of this reform ended up being the kitchen.

Ideas para reformar cocinas


This interior design project, in general terms, was a 250-square-meter apartment where light did not reach all parts of the home. Therefore, one of our challenges, as in many other kitchen reform projects, was to bring natural light.

On the other hand, the involvement of customers, together with their great passion for the culinary world, made the kitchen the star space. It was here that we put a lot of effort and several designs in search of the perfect concept. One that was aesthetically and functionally perfect.

Although the kitchens have always been an independent space with their own presence, for a few years there has been a clear tendency to open them to the rest of the script of the house. Therefore, when we explore ideas to reform kitchens or how to design a kitchen, we should never rule out this option. Certainly on many occasions it is presented as a feasible option, of design and with a considerable increase in natural light.

The kitchens open to the living room

As we were saying, this type of kitchen is the order of the day and is presented as a magnificent option to provide more meters, clarity and light. Thanks precisely to the gain in meters, we obtain a certain spatial freedom for your design. In this way, we can incorporate more elements or, if we wish, create a space with wide transitions.

This is the case, for example, with island kitchens, which are both practical and comfortable. The fact of having a central island and elements on the outside makes our tasks easier, clearly differentiating storage and cooking areas. In turn, the island gives the space a clear structure, which will always give the feeling of being at the service of the island, and it is so.

When we talk about opening to the living room, we think directly of a space without doors; kitchen and dining room together. But, in truth, there are many other options that will allow us not to close a space and, in turn, endow it with independence.

An alternative is to make use of glass room dividers. These have the advantage of not limiting the light and in turn provide a minimum set of reflections that texture the space. The glass, although it requires good maintenance, brings an undeniable elegance and modernity to our spaces.

However, we also want to go into detail with another option to divide, sift, and not separate completely. It would be, in this case, thanks to the use of gradulux blinds.


Reformar cocina elegante | Molins Design interioristas
Ideas para reformar cocinas | Molins Design interioristas
ideas para decorar la cocina | Molins Design interioristas

Kitchen lighting solutions

If we have the zones and functions of each kitchen area well defined, correctly lighting a kitchen is not as complicated a task as it could be. So, overcoming that pitfall, we can focus on finding decorating ideas. We are going to give you some:

First of all, and as we always advise, we will try, to the extent that the project allows, to provide maximum natural light to the kitchen. Also, we will avoid having to always cook under artificial lights.

A solution that we apply a lot in our decoration and interior design projects, involves creating different areas with lighting. For example, under the bottom of a suspended piece of furniture we can place a led bar in a certain area, leaving another free for another use. In practice, this division in the same area can serve to differentiate between the storage area and the work area, which will obviously be the one we will illuminate.

And of course, at Molins Design we are very fans of the lighting inside the cabinets. Especially when they are equipped with home automation or sensor systems, which light up only when needed. We firmly believe that it is these little details that add functionality as well as sophistication. No one said they were at odds!

All the lighting that we locate must be soft, screened and as natural as possible, because after a few hours we will appreciate it.

How to decorate a kitchen

Kitchen decoration is the last key aspect, which we will review to give the final touch to our space. Although it is a space that does not usually bring together many decorative objects, it falls on the choice of colors, textures and materials. Taking into account these elements and some decoration tips, we can find the kitchen that suits us perfectly.

First of all, kitchens must be practical and comfortable. This phase is over when we can talk about decoration. For this reason, when we consider how to design a kitchen and soak up ideas to decorate it, these two concepts must go hand in hand.

At this point, surely the script of the general intervention will mark the style or the atmosphere that it should emanate. At Molins Design, due to our typology of projects and the way to approach them, we usually bet on a type of elegant kitchen.

To do this, we often use lacobel, neutral colors and a sought after absence of handles to create a clean and open space.

Ideas to reform kitchens in Our Work Reflections (video)

We go back to the complete talk between Toni and Bernat, who both designed and led the project we speak about.