Latest trends in bedroom decorating 2022


Is it good to decorate a bedroom with plants? Is it recommended to have an office or study area inside? What colors and accessories should we choose to be fashionable? Stick around to discover the latest trends in bedroom decorating, take note and get your dream sleeping area!

Tendencias en decoración de dormitorios
Tendencias en decoración de dormitorios


Undoubtedly, the bedroom is the rest area par excellence of a house. Every year, there are several trends and fashions that arise around the design of modern bedrooms. Therefore, in today’s article we will list the 10 latest trends in decorating double bedrooms. Several proposals that will make your sleeping area an oasis of peace, relaxation and serenity; a room that will be the crown jewel in your home and that you will enjoy at any time of the day, not only during sleeping hours.

Are you ready to create a unique bedroom customized to your tastes and style? Join us in these lines and discover how to adopt the latest trends in bedroom decoration without dying in the attempt.

1.- Stay away from cluttered spaces

Minimalist decor is one of the latest trends in decorating double bedrooms. Create peace and tranquility in your rest room and do not decorate it with all kinds of artwork, but only with those that make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Stay away from overloaded spaces, full of furniture and decorative accessories that detract from the interior design of the room. Opt instead for furniture that is adaptable to the space, practical and functional. Do the same with the decoration and do not let your rest area stop shining with its own light. Remember that, when it comes to decorating bedrooms, as with the rest of the rooms in a house, less is more.

2.- Choose natural materials

Fortunately, ecological materials are increasingly used by contemporary interior designers.

Wood is still this year the most chosen alternative to furnish modern double bedrooms. This natural material, combined with accessories in natural fibers such as esparto grass, wicker or rattan are the star materials for this 2022.

3.- Opt for neutral, warm and timeless colors.

What color to choose for the bedroom walls? Neutral colors, such as earth tones or sand tones and even grays, will continue to be trendy. However, this year, powdered colors such as green, pink or blue are also appearing. The latter more cheerful shades provide the necessary note of light and comfort to create much more pleasant environments in which to feel relaxed.

At this point, the most important thing to choose the color of the walls of our bedroom is to find the perfect balance between brightness, tranquility and comfort.

4.- Turn your bedroom into a tidy suite!

Think about making your bedroom grow with dressers, small offices or study areas and integrated bathrooms. The point is that, if you have enough space, turn your bedroom into a hotel suite.

This year are also booming bedrooms that ask for absolute order. With more sense, if we have large double bedrooms, where everything must be in place to remain a practical and functional stay.

5.- The big bet on handcrafted design accessories

Furniture and decorative accessories turned into works of art! Anything goes to create unique and elegant rest rooms. If your idea is to create modern luxury bedrooms, think about placing in your rest suite some work of handcrafted design. Vintage lamps, small sculptures or abstract paintings, spectacular rugs and tapestries… Anything goes as long as the combination is functional and aesthetically beautiful!

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Tendencias en dormitorios 2022 - Molins Design

6.- For XXL headboards upholstered in leather or natural fibers

Leather and leather accessories will be trendy again in 2022. Therefore, in double bedrooms it will be more common to find armchairs or chests of drawers and even headboards made with this type of textile.

The bedroom headboards will be this year indispensable pieces of decoration to combine with the rest of the decorative elements of the room. A unique piece of design that will decree a unique and personalized style.

7.- Wall murals with botanical or landscape prints

The pandemic has made us dream of being able to travel anywhere in the world, during a year that has been difficult for everyone, and in which we have spent more time at home than we would have liked. How would you like to place a mural with your favorite vacation landscape on the headboard of your bed?

You can use wallpaper or have a custom mural painted. The point is that, with just one image, you can move to the savannah, be on the seashore or in any other dreamy natural environment.

8.- Printed fabrics to dress your bed

Choose textiles to dress your bed that stand out in color, shape and texture with the walls of your bedroom. Decorative cushions, bedspreads, blankets … Play with different printed fabrics to give life and movement to your rest room.

9.- Bedrooms with suggestive and vintage lighting

Lighting is one of the most interesting and important elements of a bedroom. The latest trend in decoration tells us to accompany the room with flexos, wall lamps and suspended lamps that provide light and comfort in equal parts.

From Molins Design we recommend you to choose lamps with their own personality, which become unique decorations of the space.

10.- Don’t forget the decoration with plants!

Plants can be in a bedroom, even if you have been advised otherwise. These natural elements will not only help you decorate your space of calm and rest, but also help you sleep more and better.

But, not all plants are suitable to be placed in a bedroom. You must know how to choose the right houseplants to help improve the quality of your rest. Lavender, jasmine, aloe vera, ivy and orchids are some of the best plants to have in the bedroom. And the most decorative!

Tendencias en dormitorios 2022 - Molins Design
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