Latest trends in modern and functional living room decoration


Do you feel like completely renovating your living room? Discover with Molins Design the latest in living room decoration: all kinds of furniture, ornaments and accessories that will make the most comfortable and familiar room of your home shine.



If this year you have proposed to renew and give a second life to the central room of your home, from an original and modern decoration, you’ve come to the right place. Today we are ready to show you the latest trends in living room decoration. 

These rooms of the home are still unique pieces of interior design, being today the areas of family reunion or rest par excellence. Therefore, it is vital to give them the importance they deserve, and turn them into modern and functional spaces, as well as comfortable. 

Read on carefully and discover in this post the best ideas for decorating a living room. Undoubtedly, our solutions will help you create a distinguished atmosphere in the dining room of your home, offering you a space with more light, space and comfort.

How to decorate my living room? Prerequisites

The truth is that there is no such thing as a difficult room to decorate. In most cases, it is enough to be clear about the message we want to convey, in order to find the right decoration. 

Living rooms should be cheerful areas, with spaces that encourage communication, but also with a relaxed atmosphere. We can not forget that the dining room or living room of our house is also used to enjoy small breaks during the day. 

To make sure you get it right with the style and decorations of your interior space, here is a list of the requirements to be taken into account before decorating modern living rooms: 

>> Create a practical and functional distribution of space.

Think about the available space and how furniture and decorative accessories will be distributed in your living room. This step is essential for our decorative project to be a success. Therefore, we recommend that you take your time to have a first idea of the style you want to adopt. 

Another of the most important steps is to mark or have foreseen the possible architectural problems that our living room or meeting space presents. For example, it is very important to think about the function of the nooks and crannies or empty spaces. It is even time to think about hiding or taking advantage of the beams or columns of our living room. Any element can become an opportunity to create an original and exclusive atmosphere thanks to the latest trends in living room decoration. 

>> Choose a range of colors with personality

The colors that make up the furniture and ornaments of the living room should combine in harmony with the rest of the house. White is always a safe bet, since it can be combined with any textile accessory and ornaments in brighter colors. 

Although, the current trend presents earth, beige and ocher tones as the star chromatisms of modern living room decoration. These shades, together with soft and pleasant to the touch textures, such as linen or cotton, convey serenity and comfort. 

>> Don’t forget natural lighting

Reinforce each and every one of the entrances of natural light in your living room. This will make the decoration shine with its own light and be the undisputed protagonist of your home. 

Of course, natural light must be accompanied by indirect lighting, with different points of light at different heights and intensities. In this way, you can obtain a more relaxed atmosphere for your rest hours and fill it with vitality when you are talking with friends or family.  

Magazine salon ideas

1.- Soft tones for textiles

The trend is to create comfortable spaces where calmness and a relaxed atmosphere reign. For this reason, soft and powdery tones are being chosen: pinks, blues and, above all, greens. The latter is closely related to the search for that sense of peace and calm. 

2.- Neutral walls and ceilings to match a colored wall 

The trend for neutral tones in ceilings and walls such as white, beige and gray is still in force. However, the idea of counteracting it with a wall of more intense color, which focuses the spotlight on a particular corner of the living room, whether it is the sofa, dining or work area, is a clear trend. 

3.- An “open space” living room 

The preference for the concept of open space, where to create diaphanous spaces, eliminating the fragmentation of the house, is a very current trend. If you have to apply it somewhere in your home, it is undoubtedly in the living room. The living-dining room space has become more unified than ever and the idea of integrating the kitchen is increasingly in demand. One of the most popular solutions is to opt for discreet and aesthetic separations that let in light and do not detract from the spaciousness of the spaces, such as glass enclosures or sliding doors. Now, as a novelty, light colors such as white and beige are also being used, simulating natural materials such as wood. 

Tendencias en salones 2022 - Molins Design
Tendencias en salones 2022 - Molins Design

4.- The marble-gold tandem

This combination is on the rise and, added to the rise of marble and gold separately, it is already a winning alliance. We see it especially in consoles, shelves or side tables. 

5.- Lamps are best suspended and in natural materials.

The big hit in terms of lighting will be the use of suspended lamps, which can be a decorative element of great importance and without taking up space. Here the range is from luminaires made of natural fibers to large sculptural lamps of sophisticated and elegant design. 

6.- Natural fabrics for the furniture 

A clear trend that has been going on for months and is still booming is the use of sheepskin or bouclé fabrics and velvet, although the latter is ribbed and worked. 

In addition, braided fibers are gaining prominence. Jute or braided rattan will be incorporated into the salon in 2022, moving away from the rustic and looking for elegant and elaborate finishes. Leather is also making a strong comeback, especially in sofas, armchairs and even in decorative objects and cushions. 

Tendencias en salones 2022 - Molins Design
Tendencias en salones 2022 - Molins Design

7.- Las mesas del comedor, redondas 

Esa necesidad de socialización que tenemos todos tras la pandemia se refleja en los comedores de 2022. Hay una apuesta unánime por amueblarlos con mesas redondas u ovaladas que faciliten la comunicación. 

8.- Todo a las curvas 

Las curvas se han apoderado del mundo del diseño y la decoración. La tendencia hacia las líneas redondas y orgánicas viene pisando fuerte y ya ha sido bautizada como Bold. Ya se ha visto, sobre todo en mobiliario, pero ya se apuesta por usarlas en revestimientos y techos. Las puertas y ventanas se convierten en vanos en forma de arcos para comunicar mejor los espacios. Sofás, pufs, mesas de centro o auxiliares se apuntan a las curvas y todo para lograr espacios dinámicos. 

9.- El espacio de trabajo, uno más en el salón

Si una cosa ha traído la pandemia es el teletrabajo y con él buscar un espacio para crear una mini oficina en casa. Pero ya no vale con un siempre escritorio o tablero. Ahora ya hay un espacio del salón destinado a la actividad profesional, un espacio que debe ser funcional, decorativo, ordenado y totalmente integrado al salón. 

Tendencias en salones 2022 - Molins Design
Tendencias en salones 2022 - Molins Design
Tendencias en salones 2022 - Molins Design

10.- Plain or geometric rugs

This is the year of minimalist rugs with simple, elegant and very comfortable models. The plain is imposed and prints are reduced to the minimum expression. Rectangular or round, especially fiber or pile, but always in neutral tones that fit with any decor. 

11.- The interior – exterior connection 

The exterior and the interior become totally connected, turning the exterior space into an extension of the interior. At this time, when the outdoor space is so sought after, we are looking for a total and fluid connection between the interior and exterior of our home.

The new terraces adapt to the hours we spend on them and the houses open to the outside with large windows or even glass curtains. Therefore, there is a clear commitment to in&out materials, which allow to move the living room to the outside without worries and taking advantage of the space. 

Tendencias en salones 2022 - Molins Design