Looking for an interior decorator, 3 keys to keep in mind


When someone plans to renovate the decoration of their house there are basically two options; Do it by yourself or count on the quality service of an interior decorator.

These are qualified professionals who undoubtedly will give you a unique atmosphere to the home, office, shop or any type of space that you propose, adapting to the personality and needs of the client without forgetting concepts of efficiency and practicality.

Due to the great role they are going to have, it is convenient to know how an interior decorator works and develops when they start a project. We will talk on this post about that, trying to discover characteristics of these, as well as the phases and premises that they require.



One of the most important values in an interior designer is that he knows how to stand on the same level as his client and can listen to their requests, their tastes and ideas in order to give them shape and create an optimal result.

Sometimes the client’s wishes and technical possibilities do not marry, here is when the work of an interior designer or interior decorator becomes relevant, proposing alternatives or solutions that are adapted to the maximum to those needs.

Having a good professional capable of advising, guiding and listening to your clients is paramount so that the final result of the project is satisfactory.


Adjust to the budget


The economic aspect is an important and basic factor. The expectations of the client and the user must in some way be approached, and it is important to communicate it from the beginning, in this way final surprises will be avoided and both parts will know where to place the limits and make decisions based on the available budget.

By specifying the budgets from the beginning and not start working without fixing them will help to locate in a real world and choose materials, products and ideas that are conducive.




An interior decorator needs to go several times to the space where the intervention is going. For this, it is necessary to combine schedules and have an availability for the team of interior designers to visit the place, make sketches, take measurements, review stays and progress, etc.

As for the client, sometimes it is the case that he resides abroad and can not go to the visits. In these cases, the professional is trusted and given the possibility of going to the home with permission to carry out their work.

On the other hand, the interior decorators must make a weekly report of the state of the intervention so that the client knows the progress and the general state. A photographic follow-up is carried out so that the client can fully monitor the evolution.

In the event that customers can attend the work in person, a general day of visit is usually set, where the client and interior designer meet with the team of collaborators, always coordinated by the interior designer in question.