Maison & Objet 2019, an essential event for the product design


As if it were a script, the snow was seen in the French capital at the end of January to delight the senses of the visitors of the current edition of M&O, including Molins Design, which for another year we do not miss the key design event.

Once again M&O inaugurates the 2019 events calendar, being a clear reference of current product and furniture design trends, an unmissable event for large international firms and designers. An organized and attractive journey through the worlds proposed by the stands, debate spaces and round tables where the trends of the sector are analyzed. Under What’s New tittle, at the first three halls we found differents stands showing they new releases

Our favorites


This German design firm exhibited a collection of colorful outdoor furniture and full of vitality that captivated us. They have several design lines, all of them with very traditional atmosphere and organic materials.    


Acdo produces and distributes a selection of projects designed by Alvaro Catalán de Ocón and his collaborators. Specifically at M&O they’ve presented a line of lamps made with recycled materials. We liked the variety and quality of their designs, and above all, their business vision; Make visible vulnerable groups from different countries thanks to their elaborations.   


Sempre Life designs and produces authentically handcrafted objects that inspire different atmospheres. They have imperfection as their flag, and from it are born really aesthetic products that transport you to different worlds.  

the trends

The ethnic and artisan lead. This would be a good summary of the general trend of the current edition and therefore of what will mark the lines of design in objects of decoration and furniture for this 2019. The different firms presented clearly ethnographic designs, where cultural diversity and craftsmanship are valued. This clear trend connects in a certain way with the new collective culture in which we find ourselves, where diversity is appreciated and more and more the final user wants to know the origin of their acquisitions, valuing them more if they come from non-industrial processes. On the other hand, as secondary tendencies and perhaps not with such force, we find a disappearance of the symmetrical designs, giving way to the asymmetries and the curved and imperfect lines, but no less ornamented. Perhaps the extreme minimalism is also diluted in this edition, making a regression towards older elements, but more lasting and with more sense in its design origin. It is for example the case of the return of the eighties lamps or the presence of pastel pink, recovered in sofas and textiles above all.

the future of design

As every year, the event chooses who it considers the designer of the year. This year has been Sebastian Herkner, awarded for his fruitful and outstanding career. The German designer show his passion for traditional and artisan pieces from different cultures, considering each detail of the process meticulously, thus obtaining extraordinary objects. It is also a tradition of M&O to celebrate the Rising Talent Awards, which suppose a look to the future in design. In particular this year they focused on Asia, specifically on a selection of young designers that will surely determinate the future of design in China.