Molins Design and ESdesign join forces


Recently a new module of Construction and production has begun, entering into work, taught by Bernat Marcillas and framed in the master of interior design of ESdesign

Bernat Marcillas, interior designer and main professional of our studio is part of the teaching team of the master in interior design, which has a program that provides the tools to deal with interior design and interior design projects.

ESdesign is an academic institution created with the aim of answering to the need for training of design professionals. Its main objective is to train design professionals from around the world, providing the most innovative solutions from the design vision.

They have a methodology 100% online and flexible and above all they adapt the contents to real time, following the rhythm of the changes and concepts in the design. All their teaching staff is active and comes from different parts of the world, so having this diversity makes their programs richer.

Sharing knowledge about interior design

If something characterizes Molins Design historically, it is the aim to situate itself in the avant-garde of interior design and architecture. Partnerships like the one presented provide us some tools to achieve it. Contact with research and teaching forces us to be immersed in new trends and constantly renewing.

We believe that the regeneration of knowledge is a basic factor to evolve and create new spaces with new features.

For its part, ESdesign obtains a direct benefit by having our experience and in this way the theoretical barriers are transferred to train students with casuistry and projects, which gives reality the concepts seen in the different modules.

For these reasons, the symbiosis generated between ESdesign and Molins Design is a double gain relationship, where both parts draw on each other to improve their day to day.