Molins Design Brand Ambassador for the launch of Le Compositeur in Spain


Molins Design becomes Brand Ambassador for Le Compositeur fragrance diffuser by Compoz

Difusor de aromas para interior - Molins Design
Difusor de fragancias Le compositeur - Molins Design


The smell in interior spaces is of great importance and therefore, today we want to talk about a new innovative product.

Molins Design is the brand ambassador of the arrival in Spain of the fragrance diffuser Le Compositeur of the French company Compoz; a revolutionary product in the world of diffusion of aromas and fragrances for interior spaces.

As specialists in interior design and decoration, we are aware of the hours of work involved in the choice of materials for a particular design. Choosing the raw material for each piece of furniture or home accessory, having different alternatives in fabrics and even opting for the ideal lighting to highlight each of the elements that make up our home.

In any interior design project, all these concepts are taken care of to the smallest detail, but… How many of you take into account the arrangement of different aromas and scents in each room of your home? 

The importance of aromas and scents in interior design

Smell is, without a doubt, one of the most forgotten senses when it comes to interior design. When we think about renovating a room in our home or giving a change of scenery to its original decoration, we do not usually think about how to scent environments.

In fact, many of us become completely ignorant of the benefits of essential oil diffusers in the home, in commercial spaces and even in work areas. The perfume or fragrance that is released in any space can serve to purify the air, increase concentration, relax us and can even help us sleep. 

If you want to learn how to scent your home naturally, the new Le Compositeur fragrance diffuser will help you combine essential oils in a practical and efficient way. 

Origin of the Le Compositeur fragrance diffuser

This product is not just a perfume diffuser. What’s more, the company behind its design, Compoz, wanted to create a tool that would fit in any space. An object capable of creating and combining each and every one of the scents that we have engraved in our minds and in our hearts. 

What is it and how does it work?

To understand how this fragrance diffuser works, we must look to two major global brands: Spotify and Nespresso. The founders of Le Compositeur gathered the know how of these companies to give life to a most exclusive product.

On the one hand, they wanted to create a unique and original experience when choosing the scent for each room, as when listening to music from a playlist created by oneself on Spotify. Hence, the diffuser has 25 different aromas, which can be chosen and combined according to our tastes and/or preferences.

Moreover, these scents are bottled in small capsules, just like Nespresso coffee; a practical, sustainable and reusable option, capable of preserving each and every one of the available perfumes for a maximum period of one month. 

Difusor de fragancias Le compositeur - Molins Design
Aromas Le compositeur en cápsula - Molins Design
App móvil Compoz

What is it for and who is it intended for?

We often travel to beautiful places, whether for work or leisure, but rarely does the smell of our hotel room, restaurant or even the stores we visit live up to all that has been done in terms of interior design.

This product was created for lovers of good smells; people who have always loved perfumes and who link their memories or personal experiences to different aromas. As one of the founders of Le Compositeur fragrance diffuser, Aymeric Wuidart, points out, this product arose from the idea of “creating beautiful scents that make people happy”.

The interesting thing about Le Compositeur is that you can play with different scents and adopt the intensity of each fragrance as desired. In addition, the product has a mobile application that proposes special combinations made by expert perfumers – an ideal option for those who don’t dare to play with different essential oils!

Where to buy essential oils for diffuser Le Compositeur

Both the diffuser and its capsules can be purchased on the official Compoz website and in several physical stores, such as Le Bon Marché in France or Harrods in England. Its arrival in Spain is through the architecture and interior design studio Molins Design, something we feel extremely fortunate about!

If you are interested in this luxury product, do not hesitate to ask us for more information. We will be happy to answer all your questions about the Le Compositeur fragrance diffuser and its wide collection of fragrances, and we are sure you will enjoy combining different aromatic essences in your home like children!