Molins Design closes the year in full growth and with the forthcoming opening of a new site


Molins Design takes stock of what 2021 has meant for the studio: a year of growth full of projects and international recognition.

Decoración de estilo contemporáneo en casas unifamiliares - Molins Design


Our interior design, architecture and decoration studio has experienced a real consolidation as a reference in the sector this year. Both in Barcelona and Madrid, there are already many who know us for our way of working: passionate, committed and in search of impeccable attention. If there is something that we like to highlight and that distinguishes us is, without a doubt, the total dedication and know-how of our entire team of architects and interior designers. A human and professional quality that has allowed us to position ourselves as a reference in interior design, decoration and architecture nationwide. 

In addition, this 2021 the projects Mansan House in Barcelona and Rechson Penthouse in Madrid were awarded in the category of Best Residential Interior Design in the renowned Luxury Lifestyle Awards. A fact that we are tremendously honored and happy about.

Interior design studio Barcelona

The office and official headquarters of Molins Design is located at 17 Maria Auxiliadora Street in Barcelona. Founded in the exclusive neighborhood of Sarrià in 1979 by Toni and Juan Molins, this became our first work space. But also in the starting point of all our trajectory, where a great diversity of projects have arisen. We speak from proposals of integral reforms in houses, all of them of different typologies to projects for restaurants, offices and premises.

If you want to make a change in your home and you are looking for a team of interior designers, architects and decorators, call us at 93 205 25 56! We will be happy to assist you.  

Decoración de estilo contemporáneo en casas unifamiliares - Molins Design
Decoración de estilo contemporáneo en casas unifamiliares - Molins Design

Interior design studio Madrid

We can be very proud of our design studio in Madrid! This office is located in the exclusive Salamanca district, in front of the emblematic Wellington Hotel. A luxurious and authentic building, from which we are offered the possibility to work in a dream environment, where the care of the image shines with its own light. 

Precisely in the city of Madrid, clients come to our help to carry out spectacular reforms and luxury projects. In fact, the concept of high standing is something closely linked to our proposals for the capital.

Our office in Madrid is located in Velázquez street, number 10 and we will attend you by appointment, which you can request by calling 91 781 80 12.  

Edificio estudio Molins Madrid
Estudio Molins Madrid
Estudio Molins Madrid

A passionate and innovative way of working

Our multidisciplinary team of interior designers and decorators both in Barcelona and Madrid, is able to address any type and complexity of project in the domestic and / or commercial field. That is why they can offer the client a comprehensive service, from the conceptual phase of a project to its execution.

Our timeless style, at the same time functional and totally personalized, fits perfectly with the client’s tastes. Something that makes us feel very confident when it comes to achieving a correct execution of the project at hand. In addition, our team of regular collaborators also makes our work easier until the expected delivery of keys.

Future headquarters of Molins Design in Andorra

One of the big news for next year is the opening of a new office of our interior design and architecture studio in Andorra.

Opening a new office in our neighboring country has been on our mind for years. Luckily, this 2022 we are going to start working on different projects in high standing houses, luxury penthouses and holiday apartments. So, if this year you have in mind to do an interior design work in Andorra, do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you!

Our team of interior designers and architects will be in charge of directing the project and the management of the work. As well as the organization and execution of the project, from its start to the final delivery of the keys. Contact us to meet us and see how we can help you.

With great enthusiasm and projects for 2022!

With more than four decades materializing illusions in unique and tailor-made spaces, we are happy to find ourselves immersed in a process of growth and expansion. We are eager and excited to start a new year in which we can continue to share challenges with our most loyal partners. But also to be able to build and make our clients’ dreams come true, thanks to all of them for making this possible!