Molins Design Decoration Projects: Phases and duration


Decorating is more than just creating attractive and beautiful spaces to look at. Did you know that the decoration of any domestic or commercial space influences your emotions? In fact, there is a science, called neuroarchitecture, that demonstrates how spaces and their decoration influence the mind of each and every one of us. 


If for you, decoration is also fundamental to create a 100% functional interior design, stay tuned! In today’s post we review the phases and keys to the development of Molins Design decoration projects.


Fases y duración: proyectos de decoración Molins Design
Fases y duración de un proyecto decorativo

Decoration project VS Interior design project

Many of the clients who come to Molins Design studio have trouble discerning what is a decoration project from an interior design project. Although closely related, these proposals are totally different.

To know what kind of project you need to carry out in your home, commercial space or office, you need to answer the following question: Do the spaces you currently have fit your needs?

If the answer is yes, the only thing you need is help and advice in decoration for the home, workplace or commercial space. That is to say, to give an answer to how to furnish and where to place different complements or decoration elements in your space. However, if your rest or work area is not functional and, in addition to changing the lighting or furniture in your rooms, you also need to change some architectural piece of the space, you are undoubtedly facing an interior design project.

How to make a decoration project?

Most of the decoration projects we undertake, whether in the domestic or commercial environment, have some key characteristics.

First of all, we may be faced with a blank canvas scenario or decorative intervention.  In this case, we are talking about proposals in which everything is to be done. Normally we find the area or room without any furniture, free of decorative elements. They are empty spaces that need to be decorated or covered according to the client’s concerns and tastes.

Secondly, we find the projects of reforms and interior decoration in which there is already some decorative element. Proposals in which you ask for our help as interior decorators to integrate different elements (lighting, furniture of all kinds, textiles, etc.) in the most practical, functional and adapted to your style.

How long does it take to do a decoration project?

The time of a decoration project for homes, commercial spaces or offices depends on the square meters to be worked. It is clear that decorating a small room in a home, such as a living room or dining room, will not be the same as working on a complete decoration project for an office of 500 square meters.

Most of the decorative interventions that we do in Molins Design studio are agile and easy to perform. If we focus, for example, on the decoration of a living-dining room, we can say that it will take about 3 or 4 weeks. Although, the exact weeks of work will vary depending on the materials chosen.

We always try to disturb the client as little as possible. Therefore, we organize from start to finish the decoration project, as well as the logistics and order of all the materials and decorative elements that will be needed. 

Phases of decoration projects Molins Design

The phases that we follow from Molins Design studio regarding interior decoration are the following:

1-. First contact. First of all, we need to know your needs and tastes. For this, it is vital that you tell us your concerns and desires, so that we can capture what you want in your home or business premises.

At the same time, during this first contact, we will go to your space to soak up the sensations it offers, as well as to get to know the environment and context of the place. Once there, we take advantage of the moment to take measurements, information that will be essential for the correct distribution of the furniture on the floor plan.

2.- Development of the project. The most important phase or stage of the decoration projects at Molins Design. It consists of capturing the entire proposal of furniture and decoration in a floor plan and elevation drawings to locate the volumes of each piece of furniture, what functions it will have…

Then, we take advantage of this second phase of the project to make the proposal of materials that we are going to need (wood, steel elements, textile complements, type of lighting…).

A whole list with the decorative elements that will turn the space into our favorite place.

3.- Rendering. At this point we make what is called 3D interior decoration. A simulation or photomontages, which help us to visualize a first visual proposal of the already decorated space.

4.- Descriptive report and evaluation. Last stage before the execution of the project, in which a detailed list of each and every one of the working materials is made. In the same way, the measurements that we are going to work with are also noted down, in order to make an economic valuation of what the decorative project as a whole is going to cost. 


Do you need to decorate with taste and simplicity your workspace or the favorite rooms of your home? Contact us, explain us your tastes and we will work to achieve a functional, comfortable and beautiful space.