Molins Design visits the Grohe showroom


Today we want to bring, as a memory, a piece of what we saw last September in the Showroom Grohe.

The already well-known brand showed us remarkable developments in their designs. On the one hand, the new system include taps that are implementing, with features never before seen. These basically provide more control and comfort in use for any type of cuisine, and even go further and think faucets for professional kitchens sector.

Among its new features are a tap with 3 modes: first, a position intended for cold water, one for the filtered water at natural temperature and one for carbonated water. All this in a single tap, with the help of a small deposit get these features.

In another model, and so we talked before professional kitchen, found a very interesting function; the opening and closing of the water through touch sensors. With only bring hand part of the arm, we managed to control the flow of water. Definitely a big step.

In the Showroom piece bathroom are also exposed, with new designs presented recently. These include self-cleaning systems and new methods of use, which seek to revolutionize and change the way we think about health.

All these new features can be found on their website, or in the Showroom of Barcelona, ​​on Avenida Sarria 106. A powerful brand that is continuous innovation.