New lighting design by iGuzzini


Lighting design has always been a key piece of interior decoration and interior design, and therefore, its evolution is directed towards more sophistication with fewer elements. To launch the blog in this new year, we have chosen a theme and product that we like very much. This is the new Laser Blade lighting design, developed by iGuzzini. A perfect scenario, it stops being perfect if it is not well lit.

In this case, iGuzzini has designed lighting systems in bars applicable to ceilings and walls, even on a smaller scale, inside drawers and cabinets. One of its best features is the margin of play in terms of orientation of the points of light. In this way, from a single bar we can illuminate several distant points between them.

This great benefit, together with the quality and purity of its spotlights make this system versatile for all types of spaces. From a shop window, through a home or the kitchen of a large restaurant. Well it more than satisfies the complex needs of all kinds of spaces.

Let us not forget also that being an orientable light we can vary the points that we want to illuminate, and not stick to a basic structure, as until now it has been more usual. So by changing the lighting, we also managed to renovate a space.

Undoubtedly in Molins Interiors, we are committed to innovation, especially when it comes to improving the quality and functionality of people’s lives. And in this case, that fact is amply fulfilled.

Here you can learn more about the product and its technical specifications.

We started the year with hope and work. Happy New Year to everyone.