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It might seem that the designs of  courtesy bathrooms are a thing of the past century, but they remain on the agenda and are characterized by certain aspects that differentiate them from the other bathrooms that we can have in our home.

Designs of courtesy bathrooms | Molins Design interior designers


Although they are courtesy, as its title indicates, we should not fall into the mistake of creating a small and poorly distributed space. These bathrooms can also be designed and not relegated to a complementary stay.

A good interior design is one in which it is possible to create a small space, but a pleasant place and even ‘expand space’.

To achieve these goals in a complimentary bathroom there are certain aspects to be taken into account. First of all, one must take into account the bathroom furniture, the led lighting and the elements that we want to include. You can also think of whether we want to include a toilet with a shower or only wash basin, etc.

Regardless of the size of the complimentary bathroom, with these tips we can get close to getting our guests to feel this bathroom as their own. Stay and keep reading! We will find the midpoint between the purity and simplicity in the bathroom, as well as the comfort of a well thought out space.

Toilet with shower and modern washbasins

In this regard we have to choose those pieces that occupy a small space, considering that we are always trying with complimentary bathrooms.

In order to be able to have the maximum comforts and having to give up the minimum, we would place a shower tray instead of a bathtub. With regard to washbasin and toilet, we have to calculate the space of movement between them and make the area clear. Because? Well, for two simple reasons:

  1. Extension of the movement space and, therefore, functionality.
  2. Feeling of amplitude for smaller than space.

The good news is that today there are endless options of modern washbasins that are located in very small spaces. However, they give you this bold or daring point.


One of the most important aspects is to use high lights and, if we have the possibility, opt for LED lighting in the bathroom. These are found as horizontal, circular, strip bars and even in random forms.

Keep in mind that light, in the case of complimentary bathrooms, should be an enlarging element. So if these lights are recessed, without hanging elements, we also win in space.

Bathroom furniture and accessories

As they are baths that do not have daily use, we should not tighten the space with closets, shelves and hangers. With the basic bathroom furniture it will be enough.

Within the typology of courtesy bathrooms, these can be more or less reduced. In any case, if we have a ” empty space ”, it is possible that the best option is to respect it and favor amplitude. So we do not recommend an excess of accessories.

The bathroom furniture can be placed in a subtle and organized way; a small closet taking advantage of an intransitable corner or place, a hanging bag or a small shelf. To put it in some way, stay with the basics.

Decoration of toilets

It is always important and it would be an incongruity that we, as interior decorators, did not give it to us. However, if somewhere we have to spare in it, it will be here. Everything depends, as we have said, on the size of the bathroom.

If the space is very small, a small floor plan will be sufficient. The decor is usually appreciated from a certain distance point, so if it is an extremely small space, any decorative object can be annoying.

Finally, we will not take into account the borders or motifs that may include tiles and walls of the bathroom. These usually come by defect to the ensemble with the other bathrooms or household motifs, thus becoming a charming courtesy bathroom.

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Designs of courtesy bathrooms | Molins design interior designers