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Office design is one of the great challenges of an interior design or decoration studio, the office is the space where we spend more hours a day, leaving aside our home, and the truth is that its architecture and design usually remain in the I forget. Therefore, in today’s article we explain everything about design and decoration in workspaces.


Our objetive? Publicize the key factors to take into account in office design.

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Trends in interior design for offices

The truth is that the interior design of offices has changed (and a lot) in recent years. The post-pandemic work scenario in which we find ourselves has installed teleworking and offices with worker rotation by default.

For this reason, most offices of the future already have proposals that facilitate a better distribution of work personnel, as well as much more collaborative, technological and sustainable spaces. As an example of this change, we can talk about our latest projects made for the Sogesa office design or the Engel & Vöolker BCN project.

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Sogesa offices hall | Molins Design interioristas

Commercial interior design: the office concept according to Molins Design

At Molins Design we are specialized in commercial interior design projects, as well as in the design of small and large-scale offices. We work on a plan the best distribution of space and plan the creation of the necessary rooms or work areas according to the criteria of functionality and efficiency.

Our team of decorators and architects is in charge of designing the space; from the reception of the office, to the last meeting room, offices and even rest or dining areas. Undoubtedly, a job that is essential so that everyone, workers and managers, can develop their daily tasks in the best way.

Our objective in this type of interior design projects is to create efficient, sustainable and highly optimized workspaces. Taking into account, also, a special design that turns the workplace into something unique and different. For this, we also work with the corporate identity of the companies, making their vision, mission and values ​​reflected in every corner of the space; tables, chairs, screens and even the decoration of the space is done following corporate design criteria.

In other words, we try to ensure that each space in the office reflects the corporate image that managers want to project towards their clients and visitors. All this, without neglecting the key aspects of office design.

But … Do you already know what these key factors or aspects are to take into account? Next, we list everything you need to know about office design

Designer office furniture

When any workspace comes to mind, we usually think of office furniture: tables and desks, ergonomic chairs, lockers or furniture to file documents. All this design furniture must be adapted to the needs of each worker. Although, it must also meet certain design guidelines preconceived by company managers.

With regard to new trends in office designs, minimalist and modular furniture stand out. In fact, the concept of simplicity and efficiency of space come together in most of the proposals. Regarding the materials chosen, many of the office furniture are made of wood, in turn combining other plastic materials that are easy to maintain and have a long useful life.

How to divide the space with custom screens

The design of partitions for offices also becomes a key factor to separate environments. This is usually the most recommended solution for those offices that want to make the most of the available space, without sacrificing design.

In fact, meeting rooms are a fundamental element to take into account when proposing the design of corporate offices. When space is limited, many of these rooms or offices are made by installing dividing panels, which ensure the necessary acoustic privacy and the intimacy that is required. In addition, office partitions today can be an element to take into account when offering natural light to offices.

Types of office lighting

Any office must have the ideal light to work. Therefore, it is necessary to consider what types of office lighting are the most optimal in each workspace. For example, we will not place the same lighting in meeting rooms as in the dining area. It is important to recognize and differentiate each space, to provide it with the ideal lighting.

Another factor to take into account is the entrance of natural light that the office has. The ideal thing is to make the most of it, both in meeting rooms and offices, so that this is the predominant light during the day.

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Colors and materials for office design

As far as the color range is concerned, office designs with neutral colors and sustainable materials predominate. With this combination, the aim is to create cozy and comfortable work rooms.

However, many projects or designs for offices are made with the corporate color palette in mind. In many cases, this helps to reinforce the identity of the company, so designs are achieved with much more rhythm and strength.

Decoration and designer carpets for offices

Several factors come into play when decorating offices: textiles, carpet tiles, greenery, etc. The truth is that there is no perfect decoration. Of course, it is important that each object or accessory that is added to the space combines perfectly with the furniture and the chosen colors.

These would be the main points to take into account when creating an office design and decoration project. Undoubtedly, the choice and proposal of materials, furniture and accessories will make a difference in an office and will make a big difference in the mood and concentration of the workers.