How to choose the most efficient office furniture?


As with any other interior space, office design also requires a good distribution and location of your furniture. Although, it will also be essential to have a decoration that helps create a pleasant, comfortable and family atmosphere. Because the important thing in this type of space is to feel at home, in addition to working in harmony and being connected with the latest technology.

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In today’s article we will focus on the set of furniture that supports the workers of a company. In addition, we will take the opportunity to explain what office furniture is essential to ensure that daily activities in this workspace are dynamic and efficient. We started!

Designer office furniture

Office furniture becomes the nerve center of any office. In fact, this type of utensils and work accessories not only serve as support for the employees of a company, but are also elements of transcendental use for visitors and customers.

For this reason, and due to the changing scenario in today’s workspaces, before choosing office elements and equipment, several factors must be taken into account. The chosen material is as important as the color and also its adaptability to the space.

One of our maxims when it comes to office furniture is that each table or chair must be adapted to the type of work that is carried out. But, at this point, the quality and functionality offered by each chosen product is also very important. And it is that, as strange as it may seem, the choice of office furniture affects (and a lot) to have a better or worse workspace.

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Office furniture and equipment

For Molins Design there are certain products, objects and office equipment that should not be forgotten when creating a 100% efficient workspace. Let’s see, below, the list of essential furniture for a modern office:

Reception furniture

As we have already mentioned, it is vital to take care of office furniture from the beginning. Therefore, it is very important to make a good choice of furniture and reception equipment.

In fact, the hall of any company becomes the space that gives access to the work area. We are talking about that place that we enjoy in the first place, and that is why it must have the necessary strength to make a very good impression, both to workers and visitors.

For the entrance furniture we recommend using iconic furniture and objects, which represent the vision and mission of the organization. In this initial space, the important thing is that anyone feels identified with the values ​​of the company just by taking a look. In this way, it is essential to play with colors and finishes close to the style of the corporation.

We cannot forget to have adaptable furniture and comfortable reception sofas that have a decorative impact. But, that they also leave a mark of comfort both in the minds of customers and in that of their employees.

Designer office chairs

A perfect office design is nothing without good ergonomic chairs, which adapt perfectly to the body of each of your workers. Therefore, it will be very important to have comfortable and comfortable office chairs. But, that they also combine with the rest of the decoration of the workspace.

Many choose to use swivel chairs, as they offer a plus of comfort and adaptability to space. However, for office or management chairs, a larger type of furniture is usually chosen, designed with a plus of comfort and design. In fact, this type of seating becomes the most important and elegant on an aesthetic level.

Office desk design

Today, office tables or bench desks are becoming the most widely used modular design. This type of office furniture provides the necessary flexibility and versatility to any workspace, thus facilitating connectivity and group work.

Many of these desks already incorporate drawers or small cabinets in which you can keep and store all kinds of documents. Something that helps organize the workspace.

To accompany this type of furniture, it is also necessary to use some tables for boardrooms or meetings. These are usually much more elongated and elegant, since they are designed with the aim of housing a large number of people.

Meeting room separations

Screens and screens to separate spaces

If the space inside the office is limited and you want to make the most of every corner, the ideal thing is to use partitions. These dividing panels become the most interesting type of office furniture when new meeting rooms, offices and even rest areas are required.

In most cases, these partitions or office partitions are collapsible. Therefore, they can be used as a removable element for when it is necessary to create new meeting spaces.

Furniture to organize documents

Finally, we cannot forget the location of some office cabinets, which can be very useful for various reasons. Thanks to the use of shelves, lockers, mobile drawers and even filing cabinets, all kinds of documents can be stored without problem.

If we manage to make this type of furniture combine and complement perfectly with the rest of the objects and furniture in the office, our design will have been a success.


These are some of the most characteristic office furniture! In fact, we have reviewed the type of furniture that makes a workspace a triumph. And you … Do you already have all these elements in your office?