Office lighting: What is the ideal light for work?


Office lighting is one of the most important decorative requirements in an office or collaborative work area. There are many studies that affirm a direct relationship between the use of correct interior lighting and increased concentration, creativity and individual performance or well-being of the worker.

Iluminación para oficinas office lighting - Molins Design
Iluminación para oficinas - Molins Design
Iluminación para oficinas - Molins Design

How to integrate the lighting of an office with its decoration

However, getting the ideal light for work is not always an easy task. The ideal is to combine natural lighting or sunlight with different led or ceiling lamps. But, not in all office designs it is so easy to achieve a stable and effective balance between both types of light.

If you still do not know the lighting regulations for different workspaces, stay and read very carefully. From Molins Design we invite you to know the most relevant technical advice to achieve the perfect lighting.

What type of lighting should an office, office or telework space have? At the end of this article, we will answer this and many other questions. We have also prepared an interesting selection of office lights; cutting-edge designs, with which you will be able to provide a unique look and style. We started!

What kind of lighting should an office have

What is the recommended lighting in offices? The truth is that, everything will depend on the space. For example, it will not be the same to illuminate a small office that we have adapted in our home to telework, than a large offices.

In addition, we cannot forget the importance that sustainability has today in architecture and interior design projects. Caring for the environment becomes a fundamental piece for any interior design. Whether it is of domestic or commercial origin.

Therefore, before covering a new proposal for office lighting, it is important to have types of light that are highly energy efficient. In fact, the choice of ceiling or led office lamps will bring us significant savings on the electricity bill. At the same time, we will improve sustainable building management.

Lighting tips and regulations for workspaces

For the interior lighting of any office design, it is essential to know the regulations related to the different occupational hazards and health of the workers. Along with the visual aesthetics of the space, these aspects are fundamental. In fact, they are basic if what you are looking for is optimal lighting for offices.

Therefore, from the Molins Design architecture studio we recommend:

  • Adapt the lighting levels to each space: offices, dining areas, reception and even bathrooms
  • Finding the perfect balance between warm light and cold light. If you succeed, you will create a very comfortable work area. That will improve the productivity and well-being of all your workers
  • As far as possible, you should use recessed luminaires or office ceiling lamps. All this, so that the light distribution is as uniform as possible
  • You can combine your office lighting project with other elements, such as floor lamps or small desk lights. Remember that, in certain spaces or areas, such as the dining room, it will be necessary to locate a more focal table lighting
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Types of office lighting

Let’s see how each of these office luminaires differ and how to integrate them into the work environment:

1.- Ceiling lamps

The type of luminaire suitable for giving light to large spaces, in a general and uniform way. For this reason, they are called general lighting lamps. Typically, they are placed on the ceiling or on the walls. Choosing one location or another will depend on the type of light we are left with, more direct or more diffuse.

If we talk about large offices, these recessed downlights are usually installed in the form of perimeter led tubes. A type of light that reduces shadows and improves worker visibility, especially if they are in front of a screen.

2.- Hanging and decorative luminaires

All those elements that are used within an office or office as decorative lighting. This classification includes an infinity of LED lamps for offices, with modern and avant-garde designs.

They are usually points of light that we find to improve the aesthetics of the workspace. For this reason, we usually find them in reception rooms or waiting rooms, dining rooms or rest areas.

3.- Led spotlights and ceiling lights

Better known as focal, local or point lighting. They are the type of luminaires that are used to focus attention on a specific point. As with the points of light on the table.

These accessories provide direct and intense light by means of a gooseneck or suspension type lamp, the vast majority.

As we have already explained, the perfect office lighting depends on the space and design available. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact our team so that we can help you with the best choice.