Our studio today smells different!


We have recently received in our interior design studio in Barcelona, ​​the last incorporation of our family objects.

We’re talking about perfumed candles of which we have two aromas; Mediterranean Blue and Bergamotto from Calabria. Although Mediterranean Blue is more suitable for the summer due to its freshness, Bergamotto de Calabria provides a more intimate and wintery atmosphere.

This novelty is an approach like never before by Molins Design to reach the world of the senses, a way to dress and provide comfort in our spaces. Another example of our commitment to details.


Both candles are made by hand with vegetable waxes, cotton wicks and natural essences, making them a product that respects the environment, which is in accordance with Molins’ commitment to the environment, where we try to optimize the spaces transformed into pro of long-term sustainability.






We love the packaging that has been proposed and executed by our designer Andrés Requena (Requena Office). Well, in a very simple way, which is not simple, reinforces our identity by strengthening and subscribing once again what Mies Van Der Rohe once said; Less is more, beauty is inside (this last one is ours)

We hope that in some way or another you can enjoy these candles, our studio today smells different …