Outdoor Jacuzzis designs


Contrary to what you may think, nowadays it is not so expensive to install a jacuzzi at home. Having this space for recreational and thermal use on the outside of our home has become much more affordable for everyone. In fact, if you are one of the lucky ones who enjoy a terrace with a pool, you may be interested in completing your space with the well-known designs of outdoor hot tubs.

From Molins Design we take advantage of this summer season to explain the advantages offered by these spa areas inside the home. If you want to enjoy a relaxing bubble bath with your partner or friends… Keep reading! Discover in today’s article the latest trends in jacuzzi for garden or terrace. We show you what types are available on the market and what may be the best option to place in your outdoor space.

Diseño jacuzzi
Jacuzzi exterior - Molins Design

Design outdoor Jacuzzi: typologies and features

In the market you will find a wide variety of models of prefabricated hot tubs, which can be adapted to your terrace or garden. Whether prefabricated or custom-made, most of them can be classified into different typologies. Let’s take a look at some of these classifications below.

According to their materials of manufacture

Here we find the wooden hot tubs and custom-made hot tubs. The first to appear on the market were the models made of rustic wood. These hot tubs are nowadays the most affordable and the easiest to place in patios and gardens, without leaving aside the aesthetics of our outdoor area.

In fact, wood is the material par excellence of terraces and gardens, a raw material that combines perfectly with any outdoor decoration accessory. In today’s market you can find traditional wooden hot tubs with stairs or resting platforms.

The second type of hot tubs to be highlighted are those made to measure with different materials, such as fiberglass or acrylic, porcelain, steel and cast iron. If you want your hot tub to be customized to the outdoor space, then you should opt for this option.

Many of these outdoor hot tub designs integrate some decorative element into their shape, such as waterfalls or water jets that spurt into the bottom of the spa. Other times, homeowners are looking to integrate the newly built hot tub into the pool they already have on their deck. The options are endless!

According to its shape

There are hot tubs of different formats: round, square or corner spas. There are even those that mimic the format of infinity pools, with a minimalist design, ideal for penthouses with dreamy views.

Depending on your installation

There are ground level hot tubs and overhead hot tubs. For the installation of the former, it is very important that the floor is level and that there is a nearby drain to minimize the damage caused by a water leakage. Instead, the overlapping hot tubs are those models of pools that are elevated with respect to the ground level. For their location in outdoor spaces, it is important to place them near walls that are resistant to humidity.

We must think that, as a general rule, the water of the jacuzzi is above 25ºC and the humidity that it releases outdoors can end up deteriorating the wall due to its continuous contact with the water. Therefore, it is also advisable to buy a thermal cover to place over the jacuzzi when it is not in use.

Garden design with Jacuzzi

The designs of outdoor hot tubs are during the summer season one of our star proposals. Several customers take advantage of the sun and good weather to condition their garden or terrace and turn it into their family gathering space par excellence.

One of the most important international manufacturers in the design of outdoor hot tubs is AstralPool. Molins Design has been working for several years with this manufacturer, as they offer a wide variety of models in high quality hot tubs; from private use spas for 2 people, to more demanding bathing pieces with capacity for 6 people.

Do you want your garden hot tub to become the centerpiece of your outdoor space? In VIB Terrace you have an example of how your outdoor space can look like with this type of spas. Get thanks to our designs in jacuzzis an inspirational place; that space where you can relax (alone or accompanied) and enjoy a well-deserved vacation.