The best ideas for outdoor kitchens


For a few years now, I have considered myself a true lover of Jamie Oliver’s videos. From my point of view, nobody like him has been able to convey the meaning of the ritual involved in cooking outside. In contact with nature, any dish cooked at the moment tastes better than indoors. That is an indisputable reality for outdoor kitchen design.

Pérgola para cocina de exterior | Molins Design


I especially like the videos of his series in which his trip takes place in southern Italy. There the magic of the eating liturgy shines with its own light. Either in a kitchen made outside, in any corner of a charming town, among some olive trees or tucked between some rocks near a beach. In any scenario, Oliver reaches heights of sophistication of a capital degree. It seems that you can smell those fragrances of freshly cut basil, on some fresh tomatoes, duly seasoned, with their corresponding extra virgin olive oil.

The English chef, who knows how to set up scenographies for a while, at the end of his chapters always ends up setting up revelries around him. Always accompanied by the most distinguished local agents, who have previously appeared on the show.

They say that smells are located in the brain, at the same point as memories. This Jamie knows, which is why his shows connect so well with people. In addition, they transfer us to those memories lived with those we love the most. Moments that, for the most part, take place around a table.

How to make an outdoor kitchen for a terrace

Many are the clients who come to our study sensitive to this type of experience. All of them do it with the same question in mind: How to make kitchens for a luxury outdoor terrace design? And the answer on our part is complex to answer. The truth is that there are a lot of elements to consider.

The fundamental thing is to consider the solar orientation or protection against the elements such as rain or prevailing wind. As well as what is going to be the number of diners who are going to sit around the table. Equally important is knowing what cabinets and other accessories for the kitchen are going to be necessary for the type of space that we are going to create.

To give a simple example, a gas stove is not the same as an outdoor wood stove. The flavors obtained and the characteristics of the cooking process are different.

Pérgola para cocina de exterior | Molins Design
Diseño de cocinas de exterior

Basic elements of an outdoor kitchen

To carry out a project of these characteristics we can build an outdoor kitchen in many ways. We can use different typologies, different materials and even very elaborate design styles.

Depending on the budget we have, we can bet on a portable outdoor kitchen with or without wheels. These are the typical models offered by brands like Wiking or Weber. This type of outdoor kitchen is presented to the market in modular types already prefabricated, so its installation is easier and simpler.

Let’s say we want to make a modern outdoor kitchen, fully equipped, as if it were for everyday use. That is where we have to take into account the performance of the appliances that we are going to choose. All this, to implement them within our custom-made furniture. This is a determining factor, since the technical requirements in an outdoor space are much more demanding.

But, there are many other elements to take into account when designing and creating outdoor kitchens. Let’s see some below:

The best floors or pavements

The first thing we must consider is the choice of coating for our kitchen outside. As with household appliances, outdoor floors must meet the requirements of a material that withstands moisture well, both grease and acid stains and even the same suspended pollution that occurs in cities. That is why cladding using porcelain materials is ideal to carry out this mission. In fact, it becomes a one hundred percent recommended use surface when solving this technical detail.

In any case, and to be able to carry out the culinary activity in a calm way, the choice of outdoor flooring is essential. This will be the perimeter zone that defines the workspace. Therefore, it is a vitally important decision.

Therefore, the material of the flooring for outdoor kitchens is chosen knowing that each and every one of the occasional stains that may be generated, we can easily clean them with a blow of the mop.

Outside sink

When it comes to proposing an outdoor sink, for the kitchens that we design at Molins Design we bet on the same porcelain. In this way, the sensation of constructive continuity and aesthetic homogeneity is maximum. We kill two birds with one stone in this way.

Cabinets and other accessories for the kitchen

Stainless steel is also a good ally in the design of outdoor kitchens. In fact, it becomes a material of fundamental use by being able to give specific answers to custom-made furniture elements. We have examples of works in which the use of this material, clean and resistant to the outside environment, has allowed us to solve certain technical details. Reforms that with other materials would be impossible to solve. This is the case of some barbecue facilities integrated into the kitchen.

When planning an outdoor kitchen there are details that go beyond the commonly standardized elements. This is the case of the fume extraction hood. At this point, once again, the use of stainless steel helps us to accurately and successfully solve these unique pieces.


Terraza de ensueño ático Quer | Outdoor kitchens | Molins Design
Toldos y pérgolas para terrazas | Molins Design

Pergolas and other concealment systems

Finally, there are a multitude of sun protection elements that will give us that extra comfort. This is the case of the sophisticated bioclimatic ceilings, like the one we showed you earlier in the Bella Terrace project.

These types of solutions demonstrate a great versatility of response during the different periods of the year. Its adjustable slats allow it to be opened in winter, allowing light rays to pass through. But, they can also be closed in summer, during the hours when the sun stings with more force, demonstrating a unique versatility and practicality.

Each and every one of these characteristics is what makes cooking abroad a comfortable and practical experience. An action in which all those attending the show enjoy like real alligators.

Thanks Jamie.