Pantry design or how to organize correctly

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When we have enough space, having a pantry or storage place makes it very easy for us every day. Therefore, it is worth knowing what pantry design best suits our case.

The word pantry comes from the Latin dispensation, neutral form and participle of the participle dispensus (distributed, provisioned with order). If we add the design to this term, which comes from the Latin word disegno, derived from signum (sign or symbol), we already have a good starting point.

Provisioning is your responsibility, but design and distribution is one of our specialties as interior designers. In many of our latest projects we have located pantries for kitchens. That place where food is stored and where everything is safe, so its temperature is important.

How to make a good pantry design?

First, isolation to keep stored food fresh is a key and essential factor.

Despite the particularity of each one, in general terms they are usually equipped with shelves, bars, hangers, bottle racks, baskets … Among other accessories! Depending on the space we have, we can also have areas enabled for food handling.

When we have a few meters closer to the kitchen, and we can build a pantry, it becomes a space rather than a simple storage room. It is also a personal and unique space, since depending on the tastes of each and the type of drinks or food stored, it must have one structure or another. So surely there is no pantry like another.

If we have the space for it, the pantry should be almost mandatory. The right way to conserve food and, in turn, an oxygen valve for the kitchen.

The materials

Wood and stainless steel are two good materials for the construction of these. Both for its aesthetic, more natural, and for the maintenance of the products.

However, there are other materials that we can use in kitchens and pantries. These other materials keep food in good condition for longer. Apart from the aforementioned wrought iron, stainless steel and wood, there are other materials such as glass, ceramics and silicone. All of them will also help us create incredible pantry design.

Another important aspect, beyond materials, is lighting.

The light

In addition to the general light of the room, in some cases we have placed small led bars inside cabinets and bottle racks. This is done to eliminate the shadows and have everything visually within reach.

Being rooms where we do not spend much time, except in those that move away from the concept of storage and become a living space (for wine tastings, small meetings or even atelier for those who dedicate themselves like to invest hours cooking) , the lighting should be very well defined by layers.

A first layer of general light should be enough to observe the entire room. While at other lower levels, it would be correct to place specific points of light for those areas and corners that, for whatever reason, remain in shade or dimly lit.

It is for this reason that we must know what function we want this room to have, to devote more or less effort to the situation of the lights and their characteristics.