Full equipped penthouse-duplex with many challenges to face in optimization terms to modify substantially the appearance.

His architecture plant in cross evolves the inside ground making possible to walk around the whole home. It has an external way across the terrace and another one intern. Both of them bring a lot of fluidity and a special connexion with the outside.

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The chromatist on this home it’s sober and elegant, despite the use of contrasts. However the greatest jewel it’s placed under the feet, the use of Versailles Tenon parquet helps us to show the elegance of this kind of floor in a modern and resistant material.

The big handicap of our intervention was in solving the union between the two floors. At the beginning the staircase was located into the living room, occupying useful meters on both levels, so we moved it to the hall. With this decision we achieve two big improvements. On the one hand, the recognition of the hall as a useful an independent space, and in the other hand, we accomplish as well a natural transition between levels, non-existent until that moment.

Going around kitchen it’s remarkable his distribution. It was distributed through an island due to its amplitude, so we provide functions on both sides hiding the appliances.



In one of the sides of the staircase we find a big window that shows how this home it’s opened to the outside in general terms. It was an intentional exaggerated intervention into the wall, where its result justifies the risk.


We choose the implementation of sliding doors that allow fragmenting spaces. The living room and dining room are both a good example of it, two contiguous spaces that can be transformed in only one, or two, depending on the circumstances.


The highest floor consists of an office, home cinema and reading area. It’s much spacious with the reformulation of the staircase. Doing that we avoid having an element in the middle of nowhere and we won meters to distribute in a freely way.