The restaurants company El Pibe opens its 5th store located on La Rambla del Poble Nou in Barcelona

For the reform of this project we followed the path we had previously set two years ago in the Argentine Republic, when the El Pibe brand began a process of profound change in all its corporate image and the aesthetics and functioning of its premises.

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However, one thing was clear, the new premises had to maintain the essence of its predecessor but adapting it to its new location in a more dynamic, tourist and unrestrained neighborhood.

We wanted to make an establishment that breathed the personality of the neighborhood, a tailored suit in which the neighbors of the area felt identified and that would summarize the process of transformation that the neighborhood had experienced during the last years. It was a brave decision on the part of the property, abandoning the path of standardization adopted by many franchises, opening the way for locals to adapt to the place for which they are going to be conceived.

The place had a privileged location, just in front of the Theater of the Alliance, an old house between medianeras that we had to completely reform, assuming even old pathologies of the building and adding a plant to condition the services of warehouse, garbage room and Staff costumes. One of the basic premises when dealing with the design of the facade was the permeability with the street, we wanted a concept that we call "free escape" where the openings of the facade did not pose an obstacle to the free movement of people, outer space and interior space should be confused. A tall bar with a guillotine opening was the only element of enclosure between the interior of the premises and the ravine and that it was also an accomplice that people consumed on foot from the street.

The interior layout kept the original location of the bar and kitchen, the planning of the furniture facing the public we raised it in three different ways, the high bars for six people made in red Krion, the circular low tables for four people made in wood of solid oak and a sofa upholstered in red Polipiel was accompanied by tables of 70x70cm of compact black double thickness



The two tanks of beer of 1500 liters each painted in intense yellow, are one of the great protagonists of the space, and derive all their pipes also yellow, which bring beer to the different jets of the bar.


The choice of red for the bar reminds us of the American cafés of the sixties, all this mixed with tether made by different local designers such as surfboards and Fixet bike hanging on the wall


The graphic of the walls tries to evoke the industrial past of the neighborhood. The walls are dressed with slate, where different il-lustrators will show their work, as well as with a mirror that allows a rich visual game communicating interior with exterior.