The group El Pibe reforms its first and legendary local and flagship located in the street República Argentina of Barcelona.

After almost 40 years of experience in the sector of bocadillería, fanckfurtería and import of beers, and with 5 locations distributed in different neighborhoods of Barcelona, the team formed by the generational relay of the El Pibe family group, took on the challenge of intervening in the process of global rethinking of its brand and business model, fruit of which emerged the new interior design proposal that has been implemented in the first location of the chain.

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The aim of the project at the aesthetic level was to combine in a certain way the essence of references of American hamburgers of the 60s along with the usual aesthetics of the German breweries of all the life, all this, without forgetting the own personality of the brand , as well as the integration of the reinterpreted character of "El Pibe" and a combination of communication elements that served to reinforce the message of the wide variety of top quality products that are served.

The premises are divided into two clearly differentiated areas, one of them being the fast service bar made in red Corian. This bar plays a fundamental role at the functional level as a fast point of sale and for this purpose it has been assigned a large percentage of square meters in relation to the whole premises and it has even been wanted to be moved to the street to participate in it. to passers-by. Likewise, and with the aim of wanting to provide the premises with different consumption methodologies, the bar has been combined with more "relaxed" food areas offering a combination of high tables, together with large areas of bench seats of the bristro type, located in the second large area of ​​the premises.



The three modules arranged right at the entrance have been designed as elements of communication and interrelation with the neighborhood, combining a space for the press and the bulletin board, along with a touch screen with information on the different offers, assortment of products, as well as an exhibition of the products of own manufacture with brand of the house.


The completely open kitchen, entirely made of stainless steel, has been designed with a certain show-cooking vocation, with the aim of involving the client in the preparation of the sandwiches.


The mirrors in bronze color in reference to the color of the barley, are a valuable tool to give greater amplitude and transparency to the whole and reinforce, together with the suspended lamps made with inverted beer mugs, the message of "El Pibe" as a great reference of specialists in a wide range of imported beers.