The prestigious construction materials supply company JODUL S.L., disembarks in Barcelona with its JODUL LAB showroom.

The concept of "JODUL LAB" bets on an innovative proposal as a laboratory of materials intended only for professionals in the sector. An agile and versatile showroom concept where the material and its particular way of exhibiting it is the true protagonist of the proposal. A space where the continent bets for an intentional neutrality and where the true protagonist is the exposed material.

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The proposal would not be the same, if it were not for the willingness of Jòdul, to exhibit in the premises, the most cutting-edge advances in terms of porcelain, that is why it has gone to maximum measures in the format of the floor pavement , the paving of the Inalco Cerámica house reaches 300x150cm, a declaration of intentions and a challenge regarding the installation technique.

At the end of the space is where we distribute the area of offices, with a type of furniture made of natural oak wood, which gave us warmth to the work area. In the same solid oak wood we made a dividing screen that allowed us to delimit a more private area for the management department.

The final result of the proposal is coherent and respectful with the product it exhibits, as well as functional and versatile, at the same time it represents a bold step forward in the type of stores in the sector.



The high work tables, which are at the same time sample containers, are accompanied by adjustable stools that give this character of workplace, atelier or laboratory.


The chapter of the choice of technical roof typology was also decisive, the choice of @Decustik panels allowed us to hide all the installations, lighting equipment, speakers and other elements and at the same time solved the problem of acoustic comfort from space.

30X30 TUBE

The metal tube of thirty by thirty, is the constructive element par excellence, chosen to develop all the exhibition systems, as a structure that form shelves and support panels.