Ranking top 9 furniture brands in Spain


If you are also passionate about the world of decoration… Keep reading carefully! Today we bring you the list with our best furniture brands in Spain. Different references recognized worldwide, which will also become your favorites.

Those of you who know us already know that at Molins Design we are passionate about decoration and interior design. One of the interventions that we enjoy the most is, without a doubt, the choice of materials and furniture that will dress a new space. In fact, our team loves to study different options to suit the space in question; options that combine in style and form with the requirements of the owners. But that also become innovative designs and, above all, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Below, we leave you the ranking with our 9 main furniture manufacturers in Spain. Take note!

1. Andreu World

When it comes to wooden furniture, the Andreu World brand is a benchmark for us. We tend to rely on them for our choice of tables and chairs made with passion and with a contemporary and sustainable lifestyle.

Passionate about innovation and experts in excellence and good design, these wood professionals have more than 65 years of experience in the sector and a great international projection.

Craftsmanship and tradition are the star concepts at Andreu World, making it one of the family companies that best works with wood together with innovation, technology and design.

marcas de muebles en España
marcas de muebles en España

2. Kettal

Are you looking for timeless, functional and expressive furniture? Then you should know the catalog of one of the most famous furniture brands in Spain: Kettal Group. Representing contemporary style, the design products offered by this Barcelona-based manufacturer blend creativity and personality in equal parts. You won’t find two pieces of furniture alike, nor will you find two designs for the same space.

Since its beginnings in 1966, Kettal has had an international vocation, committed to design and innovation. For this reason, it currently collaborates with the most relevant international designers: Patricia Urquiola, Rodolfo Dordoni, Hella Jongerlius, Jasper Morrison and Emiliana Design studio.

They are recognized worldwide for their outdoor furniture, for us one of the highest quality products with the most innovative design for any exclusive terrace or balcony.

marcas de muebles en España
marcas de muebles en España

3. Sancal

Innovation, simplicity, creativity… These are some of the values of the Spanish brand Sancal. This family company, born very close to the Mediterranean, designs innovative furniture that adds value. Its pieces are created to coexist in harmony with the aesthetics of the space, although they are also customized to the tastes and needs of the owners, so that they are functional and practical furniture.

In Sancal you will find a safe bet to furnish your home; one of the most fresh and jovial furniture brands in Spain, which also finds the textile accessories in trend to complete any room that lends itself. Take a look at its online catalog and start your wish list!

4. Gandía Blasco

In Gandía Blasco, more than furniture, you will find a lifestyle. This Valencian team is one of the best outdoor furniture manufacturers in Spain. Following a pure aesthetic and close to the Mediterranean style, the brand offers an elegant and fresh type of furniture, capable of creating unique and 100% customized outdoor environments.

With more than 35 collections and 19 designers in 74 countries, the Gandía Blasco brand is recognized internationally. Its timeless essence, combined with the design of totally innovative products, leads to the design of furniture that does not follow the latest trends, but does not have an expiration date.

Another of the concepts that this Spanish furniture brand works best is the term of sustainability. Each piece of furniture is designed to obtain a product of the highest quality. From the conception of the furniture and its design, to the end of its useful life cycle.

5. Doca

The Doca brand specializes in kitchen furniture and quality furniture for the home. This company started its activity in 1980 in Vinaròs (Castellón), becoming an emblematic brand of kitchen, bathroom and closet furniture for those who were looking for a medium-high range product in their home.

Using the highest quality materials, combined with each other in total harmony, it offers a unique and customizable type of furniture. A very interesting option if you are looking for avant-garde, innovative and functional design furniture.

The projection of the Doca brand currently extends to several continents and countries such as France, Holland, Switzerland and Great Britain.

6. Capdell

The Capdell family business is another furniture brand in Spain with a long history and worldwide recognition.

In 1967 two brothers founded a small chair factory, known as Curvados García. Several years later, and after a long trajectory of work, the company became the Capdell brand. Today, it is one of the companies that has made the most progress in design and innovation in terms of furniture.

Combining timeless and contemporary aesthetics with noble, sustainable and high quality materials, we find in this brand a type of furniture capable of connecting with people in body and soul.

7. Ondarreta

We travel now to the bay of the city of San Sebastian, specifically to Ondarreta beach. This is where the essence of our next brand of contemporary style furniture was born.

The family company Ondarreta has more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of exclusive furniture for interior design. Their projects cover both outdoor and indoor furniture, always alluding to products made with sustainable materials, simple lines and fully functional.

8. Viccarbe

The Valencian company Viccarbe has the Mediterranean style in the design of its products. For this reason, most of its collections adopt colors and shapes that remind us of this unique and exclusive coastal area.

The concept of environmental sustainability becomes important for Viccarbe in all aspects of production: from the conception of the furniture and its design to the end of its life cycle. In addition, the brand works closely with some of the most prestigious international designers, such as Patricia Urquiola, Vincent Van Duysen or Piero Lissoni.

Today, the company has a great international projection, being one of the expert brands in the manufacture of contemporary furniture.

9. Point

Another of the most interesting furniture brands in Spain in terms of outdoor furniture. Point has a group of master craftsmen who work with rattan and its combination with other materials to perfection.

Nowadays they have become an indispensable company to understand the changing trends in outdoor furniture. Since 1920, this furniture company from Alicante has been designing distinguished furniture for the home.

Point has several international collaborations; designers who work for the brand in search of new materials capable of providing new solutions, resisting the passage of time and inclement weather.

marcas de muebles en España
marcas de muebles en España