Our architecture studio starts the challenge when we are in front of a blank canvas, as it is a land to be built. As interior architects we develop interior and exterior spaces from their origin, based on the detailed briefing of requirements that the client has transmitted to us, with the added value of building "the box" of the house, thinking always in the details and needs that will require the inside of it.
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At Molins Design we treat consider architecture and interior design with the same care, from the beginning of the conceptual phase of the project, to the execution of the last detail, offering an integral service in the projected space.

Interior architecture is then the process through which interiors of buildings or houses are designed, dealing with all aspects of human use of structural spaces.


At Molins Design architecture and interior design study we have an effective methodology. Every project is analyzed in detail by our team of interior architects, who give meaning to the structures proposed.

We also have the collaboration of trusted partners, who helps us to our incessant search for continuous improvement and excellence, joining forces to achieve high quality results. A team of high precision that feeds in addition to the other departments of our architecture and interior design studio, to make greater each project in an integral way.

We cover national and international projects, adapting ourselves to each environment, taking into account cultural, sociological and above all architectural aspects of the surroundings where the project is, without ever leaving aside our personal mark and design essence.

Nuestra filosofía se basa en el learn & do. Pese a la formación más que consolidada de nuestros arquitectos de interiores, perseguimos la innovación y creemos en el constante aprendizaje que nos aporta la puesta en marcha y ejecución real de nuestros proyectos.

Our philosophy is based on the learn & do. Despite the more than consolidated career of our interior architects, we pursue on innovation and believe in the constant learning that gives us the implementation and real execution of our projects.








1. Ground analysis and client briefing
We study the possibilities and constructive limitations of the land to be built, as well as the list of needs, requirements and illusions that the property wants to project in it.

2. Basic project + request work license
We define the general guidelines regarding the exterior and interior of the project, as well as the preparation of all the basic plans and technical documentation necessary for the application for a major work license before the municipality to which it corresponds.

3. Executive project
We enter into the detail of all the graphic and written documentation that is necessary and to execute the work. Including in this phase all the calculations of the structure, materials and facilities, as well as the constructive solutions to adopt in terms of thermal and acoustic calculation, among other aspects.

4. Project of interior architecture and landscaping
We plan the interior layout and the landscaping, optimizing all available spaces to the maximum, and putting at the service of the client our extensive experience and knowledge contrasted in interior design, throughout our more than 30 years of experience.

5. Construction of the house
We carry out the construction of the house, coordinating and supervising all the teams of usual collaborators involved, with a high demand and care for the quality of the finishes, offering at the same time the maximum guarantee in terms of compliance with the timing and target budget settled down.

6. Final work documentation
We also carry out all the management, obtaining the final documentation of the work. We formalize the final declaration of work, including the certificate of first occupation, cell of habitability, among other necessary procedures.
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