As interior decorators we define each one of the material elements that will form part of a space. From the color choice and textures to furniture and other accessories that act as decorating parts.

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We understand the interior decoration as the next step to do after an interior design project and as a key point to provide your own personality and feelings into a concrete space.

We prioritize good communication and flexibility to capture the tastes and sensibilities of each owner and reflect them in the small details, creating a unique and personal atmosphere.


With Toni Molins leading, our team of interior decorators carries out a constant search for the best materials and accessories for our projects.

The interior decoration is undoubtedly one of the work areas where trends come into play with more force, that's why we are constantly nourished by the latest innovations and creations.

We are present at the main international events, where every year there are a lot of new releases that we value with pleasure and curiosity. Our annual appointment at the furniture fairs in Milan and Maison & Object Paris are part of the unmissable events, for example.

Our projects are based in turn on the excellence of our professionals and the quality of the materials with which we work. We will contemplate in its place a wide range of national and international brands of furniture, decorative lighting and accessories to create dreamlike spaces that meet the expectations of every customer, without forgetting functionality.


1. Space analysis and client briefing

In this first phase, we analyze both the available space, as well as the aesthetic desires and functional needs of the client, taking into account their lifestyle and the use that will be made of those spaces.

2. Distribution proposal of furniture on floor plans

We do the proposal of new distribution of new furniture in plant, considering the functions and the combination and situation of these in the same space.

3. Projection of furniture in elevations

After agreeing on the proposal for the distribution for furniture on the floor, we proceed to project each and every one of the furniture elements of each of the elevations or walls that make up the different spaces. This furniture can be either made-to-measure furniture, or other accessories selected from the most prominent brands in the sector, related to our style.

4. Material proposal; colors and textures

We select all the materials, colors and textures that will configure the decorative elements of the different spaces, detailing in the same way all the accessories, lighting elements, among other objects.

5. Economic valuation of the proposal

After the definition of all the selected and agreed elements, we proceed to carry out the detailed economic assessment of the entire project to execute it.

6. Execution of the proposal

We take care of the coordination and supervision of all the interlocutors, cabinetmakers, clothing manufacturers and brands involved in the execution of the decorative project, with the aim of offering an integral service within the delivery time and according to the budget initially agreed with the client.

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