Interior design is that creative process that transforms an existing initial space in order to place each and every one of the needs and illusions that the property has transmitted to us, optimizing the available space to the maximum.

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In other words, the interior designer is in charge of optimizing the distribution of a space as much as possible, redistributing if it's necessary the location of the different areas required, as well as choosing the most appropriate materials for the optimal technical and ergonomic functionality of each one of them the uses that they will play, always having in mind the morphology of the space, as the location of their facilities.

In our interior design studio we work to solve and create spaces to answer to the challenges and the specific needs of our clients, to meet their expectations with the interior design solution that best suits their requirements.


In the pursuit of excellence, our interior design studio and is based on the different phases that Molins Design covers completely, from architecture to custom furniture design. Being present in all phases allows us to approach projects with a broader scope and a more global vision.

We believe that creativity must be present in each project, followed by rigor and organization in terms of quality, budgetary adjustment and commitment deadlines. So the combination of creativity and methodology are the two main factors that have made us win the trust of customers and suppliers throughout our more than 35 years of experience

The interior design in Barcelona is fortunate to have great cultural and architectural references. They are our inspirations and we try to reflect their most notable characteristics in interior design whenever the project requires it.

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