In the product design department of our studio in Barcelona we cover everything from furniture design to the design of decorative lighting elements, among many other details.

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We offer our creativity to serve the design of practical and attractive elements that meet the specific needs of a specific group of users, with a very specific style and requirements

Product design is born from a contextualized concept and specific needs, which through a creative process become an innovative and differentiated final product. In this process, functional, aesthetic and technical aspects come into play, with the aim of creating an element designed for a target audience and taking into account their specific requirements.

The extensive experience and long career of Molins Design is reflected in the product design, providing different creations in terms of functionalities, chromatisms, dimensions and shapes.


We conceive the design of a furniture element as if it were an artisan element, where from a concept, we explore its possibilities in terms of shapes, materials and finishes.

The product and lighting design are areas of specialization of our design studio, that we especially enjoy because the freedom allowed. Through colors, materials, shapes and textures we create pieces that express the essence of Molins and that in turn leads us to explore new worlds to obtain unique pieces.


1. Analysis of the assignment

We analyze the order that the brand transmits to us, considering both functional and aesthetic requirements. This phase, considered conceptual, is a solid base to develop the future product.

2. Comparative benchmark of the market

We do a detailed comparative study of the market about existing products, to extract the "best-learnings" of both the sector and the brand itself, as a starting point on which to develop a new, differentiating and a relevant concept.

3. Design of preliminary conceptual sketches

We develop the first conceptual sketches where we’ll observe the structure and first aesthetic details of the received order. This phase is agreed between our technicians and the client, in order to work in the same direction.

4. Analysis of the technical and commercial feasibility of the sketches

After the definition of the concept and final sketches, our industrial department evaluates the technical feasibility of manufacturing, providing if necessary small modifications to validate.

5. Layout and technical validation

After the approved technical feasibility, we proceed to perform the final measures, design and structure validation. In this phase we elaborate a scale model where all its details can be seen phisically.

6. Validation of the user experience

Usability and user experience tests are carried out prior to final delivery, and if it’s necessary, readjustments or adaptations are necessary.

7. Production and marketing

In the process of manufacturing and commercialization of the product, we offer to the brand the assistance that this may require in case it is necessary to make an additional readjustment.

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