Our architecture interior design studio comes into action when we have a blank canvas as a challenge. Interior architecture it’s about projecting interior and exterior spaces from their origin, everything based on a detailed briefing of requirements, transmitted by the client to us, with added value of building the box of the home, thinking in the details and necessities that the interior will requires.

We like to treat the architecture and interior design from the beginning of conceptual phase to the execution of the smallest detail, offering an integral service from zero to the delivery of the keys.

Summarizing, the art of build architectural interiors is the process thought the home interiors are designed, thinking in all of those amenities for human use in a structural spaces.

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Our architecture studio

Molins study of architecture and interior design bet by an effective methodology at the same time attractive. Every project is studied to the millimeter by our team of interior architects, who give meaning to the structures proposed.

We also have the collaboration of trusted partners, who add in our unceasing search for improvement, joining forces to achieve high quality results. All Swiss precision gear that rests on the other areas to enrich each interior architecture project.

We cover national and international projects, adapting ourselves to each environment, a fact that makes us take into account cultural, sociological and above all architectural aspects, without ever leaving aside our personal mark and the strong presence of the Molins brand.

Our idiosyncrasy is based on the learn & do. Despite the more than consolidated training of our professionals, we pursue innovation and believe in the constant learning of the day to day. We consider that the good interior architect is the one who does not conform, who goes a step ahead and discovers, explores and contrasts.