As it does interior decorator, we define each material element that will be part of one space. From the election of colours and textures, to the furniture and other complements that will be part of the interior decoration.

We understand interior decorating as the next step to do after a interior design project and as a key point to bring personality and feelings to a new space.

We prioritize a good communication and flexibility to catch the sensitive of each owner and reflect it in the small details, creating a unique and personal atmosphere.

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Our interior decorators

With Toni Molins in front, our team of interior decorators lives in a constant search for the best materials and accessories for our projects.

The interior decoration is undoubtedly one of our work streams where trends come into play with more force, it is for this reason, to a large extent, that we must not stop observing and getting to know the new creations. We are present at major events and international fairs where every year there are a host of new features that we value with pleasure and curiosity. Our appointment at the furniture fair in Milan is one of those unmissable events.

Our projects are based on the excellence of our professionals and the quality of the materials. We have a wide range of furniture and accessories to make a correct space a dream place. We do not forget the functionality of these and the need to reach the expectations of each client.