The interior design is the process that transforms an existent space with the objective of place there all the necessities and wishes that the property has transmitted to us, optimizing as much as we can the available space.

In other words, it’s the interior designer who optimize the distribution of a certain space, redistributing if it’s necessary the placement of the different areas required, as choosing the materials more appropriate for an optimal technic functionality in every case that will be used, always thinking on the morphology of the space, as in the placement of the installations.

Our interior design studio it’s placed in Barcelona, so we are lucky to be in a city that has great architectonic references. We consider it them in our interior design services and we reflect in our interventions just if it suits great.

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The interior design studio

In the pursuit of excellence, our study of interior design and interior design is based on the different phases that Molins design covers completely. From architecture to the design of objects. Being present in all phases allows us to approach projects with a broader scope and a more global vision.

We believe that creativity must be present in each project, followed by rigor and organization in terms of time and deadlines. So the combination of creativity and methodology are the two main factors that have made us gain the trust of customers and suppliers.

Molins interior design studio works to solve and create spaces that respond to specific needs, so the client has a lot to say in the development of the specific project.