We put in service our creativity as furniture designers to create practical and attractive objects that satisfy the specific necessities of one determinate group of users, with a concrete style and requirements. Every product design emerges from a contextualized concept and through a creative process it’s transformed into an innovating final product.

Our conception of product design also converts us in lamp designers, so in some way we become lighting designers too. In every case we take account of functional, aesthetics and technic aspects. Elements thought for the people and taking account of their necessities, as the interior design applied in terms of light, furniture and decorative pieces.

The experience and the long road travelled by Molins it’s reflected in the furniture design, contributing with diverse creations in terms of chromatist, dimensions and forms.

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Both product design, lighting and furniture is one of the areas that we enjoy the most and that allows us to work freely. Through colors, materials, shapes and textures we create pieces that express the essence of Molins allowing us to explore new worlds. We stand out from the main trends to explore new paths and obtain unique pieces.

We are not industrial designers, so we do not have large production lines of established products. It is more about an approach to craftsmanship where from a concept, we explore its possibilities and design to obtain functional or decorative objects.

Having professional designers in our team streamlines the process, which is never short or easy, since these designs must adapt to many needs and go through different phases; from the concept to the object. In all of them, a formation and a special vision is required that leads us to the success of our creations.