Stretch ceilings of barrisol in interior design

Stretch ceilings barrisol in shoemaker | Molins Design interior designers

Surely, many of you already know the tensile ceilings of barrisol. Above all, those who read us from your architecture or interior design studio. It is a translucent false ceiling present in emblematic buildings and that often goes unnoticed.

When we talk about barrisol we refer to a backlit tensioned fabric, deformable with heat and elastic that allows us to create unique shapes. Distributed and located mainly by the French company that bears the same name.

Barrisol on stretch ceilings

Barrisol systems are often used in roof construction. They consist of a non-flammable sheet of PVC tensioned, which is compressed under the effect of heat. This process is produced thanks to a specific tracking system through some rods.

In sight it resembles a tensioned fabric that adapts to the structure of the frame thanks to some lace. The frames can have any shape since the Barrisol adapts to straight, round, inclined shapes, etc. Therefore, barrisol offers us the opportunity to create unique designs.

Its uses

EL Barrisol is applied by different professionals. From architects, in large projects or interior designers and decorators, to small details of homes.

Both the Colosseum in Rome, and the Baltimore airport, among others, have Barrisol in its finishes.

In our domestic interior design projects it has room for details such as shoemakers, dressers and backlit elements. However, in the field of commercial or contract interior design it is used more frequently, given its moldable characteristics and the resistance it offers.

Particularly in Molins Design we have installed some of these sheets behind shelves or mirrors with concrete lighting, offering a very elegant and aesthetic result.

Barrisol in ephemeral exhibition Colosseum in Rome | Molins Design interior designers
stretch ceiling barrisol Baltimore airport | Molins Design interior designers

Technical characteristics of the barrisol system

Barrisol offers specific characteristics at light level. It distributes light equally throughout its structure due to its properties, making it very suitable for small parts within a home as well.

There are many reasons to opt for barrisol. But, without a doubt, one of the most convincing is its resistance. It offers resistance to changes in temperature as well as water and erosion due to natural phenomena.

In any case, its module structure allows it to be disassembled quickly and easily if needed.