Swimming pool design


The swimming pools design becomes one of the most precious architectural projects of the houses with patios and terraces of dreams. Since the time of the Romans, water has been attributed with healing virtues. And when the heat intensifies, there is no better refuge than to be in a garden with a pool.


Patios exteriores con piscina - Molins Design


The projects related to the construction of swimming pools design are closely linked to the topography of the land where it is built, adapting to its orography. In fact, it is vital to have a large garden for its installation, free of any architectural barrier.

In addition, it is very important to consider the size and its connection with the annexed building, being the fact of privacy and intimacy a key factor to take into account. At this point, the possibility of acoustically and visually decoupling its influence from the rest of the house should be considered. But, also, to move it away from the possible main porches, trying to eliminate as far as possible uncomfortable interferences.

Its relation with different vegetal elements is also an element to consider, since sometimes it can condition the good maintenance of the pool or swimming pool. We must take into account the trees and shrubs around the garden, and it is essential to watch for leaf fall! In fact, if we do not carry out this maintenance work, the filtering systems of the pool can become clogged.


There are as many types, shapes and colors of swimming pool design as there are houses. In fact, pool design is closely linked to the history of domestic architecture. Something that is, at the same time, a reflection of fashions and architectural styles subject to the passing of time. From the kidney-shaped pools of the 80’s, to square pools or infinity pools, discover the different types of pools that exist!


When choosing our swimming pool design, we will also choose the interior chromatism of its lining. Undoubtedly, how to coat a pool will have a direct relationship with the color in which we are going to see the water. You can opt for darker colors, if what you want is to get a sense of depth. However, lighter colors will give a feeling of more brightness and transparency. Although these will be more difficult to maintain in good conditions.

At a technical level, there are different materials for pool cladding, from traditional stoneware to sophisticated porcelain or large-format stone cladding.


Are you looking for the best outdoor swimming pool design accessories? In Molins Design we help you to find the necessary materials for the exterior or glass of your pool, lighting and ornamentation that will accompany it.

Thus, and depending on the requests of each client, we can have standing showers with solar technology, design waterfalls and even LED lights to illuminate the inside of the pool at night. We also take care of the installation of the pool equipment such as skimmers, drains or nozzles, sand filters or filtration pumps.

For years, we have been working with the best manufacturers in the design of swimming pools and outdoor hot tubs. Choose the best accessories for your above ground or inground pool!


The stairs or railing that you are going to place in your pool will be an essential safety extra for everyone who swims in it. Hence the importance of having a simple model and adjusted to the measures of your new custom work.

The pool ladders thus become key elements or accessories, which can be buried or portable. All of them are very resistant and are manufactured with aluminum or stainless steel materials. If you don’t want to make a mistake with your choice, learn everything you need to know about how to choose pool ladders.


Those who own a swimming pool know that keeping the water crystal clear is no easy task. However, in recent years, technological salt chlorination systems allow for easy maintenance with almost bi-weekly check-ups.

An endless number of technological accessories can service different functionalities, ranging from water temperature control. In the same way, we can install in our swimming pool different protections at security level. As an example of this, there are blinds or swimming against current, without forgetting the ability to transform one of its steps into a fantastic hydromassage system.

It is also important to consider what is happening in the immediate perimeter of the pool. We must take into account the way in which the sun loungers, parasols, pergolas and other furniture elements will be related to the accessibility of the pool design. But also its entrance and exit steps, which are a key element in the use and enjoyment of the water surface.


If you are a lover of spa areas, you may be interested in knowing the advantages of outdoor hot tub designs. Their installation is currently in great demand by homeowners with large gardens with swimming pools. And you… Would you like to complement your patio or terrace with a wonderful jacuzzi?

In the market you can find different types of jacuzzi; according to their manufacturing materials, shape or installation methods. Discover thanks to Molins Design which model of outdoor spa or jacuzzi will combine perfectly in your home.