Why put a swimming pool on a penthouse terrace?


Penthouses with swimming pool have become exclusive homes; spaces of leisure and comfort, which add to the home a plus of design and elegance. If this summer you are thinking of putting a pool on the terrace of your penthouse, from Molins Design we explain everything you should consider for proper design and installation.

Spring is the perfect time of the year for the tuning of terraces and roof terraces. There are many customers who, during these months of the year, bet on the latest trend in the design of outdoor terraces: the construction of swimming pools in penthouses or duplexes design. These elements take special importance in homes located in the city, becoming the most sophisticated leisure and relaxation spaces for a contemporary home.  ¡

Being able to cool off at home in summer, thanks to the design and installation of a pool on the terrace, is for many a luxury. In addition, today, there are a thousand and one models of terraces with swimming pools adapted to the needs of all types of families.

Today we come ready to show you some of the most exclusive proposals; different pools for penthouse terraces that you will fall in love with. Are you going to miss it? 

Piscina terraza ático - Molins Design
Piscina terraza ático - Molins Design

Swimming pools for penthouses: What should we take into account before their construction?

The construction of swimming pools on terraces and rooftops is not as simple as that of conventional pools. For its design and installation to be a success, you must first consult the regulations of each municipality, to check if its installation is allowed and in what way. It is also very important to have the approval of our community of neighbors, in case we have one. 

Reviewing the structure of our building, its design and composition is the third key factor to take into account. That is to say, we must think about the load that it would imply to locate a swimming pool on the top of our house. The manufacturing materials for swimming pools weigh a lot, in addition to the liters of water needed to fill it. In some cases it will be unfeasible for the building to support the weight of more than one pool. But, in other cases, it will be possible to make some reinforcement in our building to transmit in a correct way the extra loads. 

At this point, it will be essential to count on the figure of an architect or technical calculator, who will be able to make an exhaustive study of the structure of our house. It will be this professional who will guide us in the choice of the best materials for the construction of our swimming pool on the terrace of a penthouse. She will also advise us which are the best models of terrace with swimming pool, with the dimension and the most optimal depth.  

In addition, and in parallel to the construction of our new leisure and relaxation area, we should think about many other technical factors: the drainage system that we are going to use, its access to the water tank or having an optimal waterproofing, among other aspects.  

Pool models for small terraces

Below, we list the best models of swimming pools for penthouse terraces. In any case, we emphasize the design and construction of lightweight pools, lightweight and very easy to install on high floors or rooftops: 

1.- Prefabricated pools

Made of polyester and fiberglass, stainless steel or other materials. This type of pool is usually the most suitable to be located in penthouses with terraces. Once the previous study of the structure of the building and knowing the loads that it can support is done, the pool model that best suits the available space is created. 

Undoubtedly, with the prefabricated swimming pools you will obtain a guarantee of total watertightness. In addition to getting the pool for the terrace of your penthouse that you had dreamed of. 

2.- Jacuzzi spa

These elements for outdoor terraces become the best option for homes inhabited by couples without children. If what you are looking for is to create a new more intimate and comfortable space inside your home, which is also an oasis where you can relax with your partner, opt for whirlpools or prefabricated hot tubs

These pieces of work come in one piece and are usually located directly in attics with terrace with the help of a truck crane. Although they tend to be expensive, hot tubs offer more features than classic pools: ergonomic design, several hydromassage seats, accessories for cleaning and maintenance, etc.   

3.- Swimming pools

Just if you are making the initial plans for your new single-family home, thinking about the structure of an in-ground pool is the best option. Using the same construction materials as the house, you can include a rooftop pool in your living space. Covered, a posteriori, with gresite or PVC sheet reinforced with fiberglass. 

There are many who, before laying the foundations of their new home, think of building an infinity pool or infinity pool on the top floor of the house. All this, to enjoy a nice dip in summer, next to a terrace with spectacular views of the sea or even the mountains. Beforehand, the architect of the house must integrate the weight and dimensions of the pool in the structural calculation of the building. 

Swimming pools for dream penthouses

The penthouses with swimming pool have ceased to be a luxury for a few, to become an element that brings clear benefits to the daily life of any person. Dare to install this refreshing element at home! 

In Molins Design we help you to choose the pool that best suits your needs. Our technical team will be in charge of offering you the perfect finish so that your pool becomes a unique and exclusive place. Take advantage of the latest technological advances, the optimization of techniques and increasingly lighter materials to take a dip in the pool of your home.

Jacuzzi de diseño en ático - Molins Design
Cerramientos de aluminio en ático de lujo - Molins Design
Jacuzzi de diseño en ático - Molins Design