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Great professionals, great projects

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Our great team of professionals and collaborators are the key to the success of our projects.

The architectural firm Molins Design is composed of a multidisciplinary group of in-house professionals and regular collaborators. That is, a team that covers various areas of expertise, such as architecture, interior design or decoration. However, it also deals with landscaping, styling, graphic design, management and marketing, among others.

In addition, the union of specialists in different areas allows us to address projects of architecture, interior design and decoration of housing. As well as commercial premises globally, to achieve its integral design.

In fact, this implies elaborating a complete concept and projecting its development. To do this, we integrate within a given spatial context its furniture, lighting, textures and colors, in order to optimize it according to a predetermined objective.

All this, following a work methodology where rigor and professionalism are the basic premises of action.

Carla Marcillas | Molins Design

Carla Marcillas

Partner – CEO

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After graduating in Business Administration at ESADE University in Barcelona, in 2001 I began my professional career in the marketing world within the main multinationals in the international cosmetics sector. I had the immense fortune of being able to learn working together with a wide diversity of professionals with different leadership styles both in Spain and in France.

Attracted by my passion for the world of interior design, and by the illusion of transferring the wealth of learning accumulated with the family business, in 2008 I decided to take the leap and join the Molins team, bringing a strategic vision of brand, which serves to reaffirm the studio in a highly coordinated organization, and with a well-defined medium- and long-term vision.

With an open and social character, I enjoy both the coordination and management of the various teams, as well as the close and empathetic relationship with our clients who place their trust in our studio, to interpret their desires and functional and aesthetic illusions, and translate them in projects made to come true.

Bernat Marcillas | Molins Design

Bernat Marcillas

Partner – CEO

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Upon landing at the design school Elisava I discovered that I had finally arrived at the territory for which my mind was conceived and where I could develop my personality and my abilities in full. Surrounded by souls with similar concerns to mine, everything seemed to acquire a meaning.

After sharing experiences in several renowned interior design studios in Barcelona, I decided to transfer all the knowledge acquired to the family business. Here I was given the opportunity and full confidence to make a change and transformation of the decoration business towards a new platform of integral services related to the design and architecture of spaces.

The energy that drives me every morning when entering Molins, is to bring this project to the highest level of quality and creativity, with the vision of being one of the design studios of reference both nationally and internationally.

My nonconformist, restless and ambitious character are the engine that drives me every day to offer the best version of myself, to transfer it to the projects of the clients who year after year trust our studio and make their wishes tangible.

Toni Molins | Molins Design

Toni Molins

Founder partner

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Founder of the studio, she began her professional activity in the world of interior design thanks to her restless and self-taught spirit.

After more than 40 years of tireless experience, he has managed to create and define to perfection the "Molins hallmark" that characterize the projects of our studio. A style where elegance, timelessness and sophistication are mixed with a characteristic spatial vision that optimizes each project in a singular way.

She is considered one of the most knowledgeable experts in the textile world at a national level, which is why the projects that have passed through her hands have a unique warmth and visual comfort.

Joan Marcillas | Molins Design

Joan Marcillas

Founder partner

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Heir of a small family business dedicated to the textile making of upholstery elements. Thanks to his nonconformist and entrepreneurial spirit, he was able to transform a small neighborhood store into a thriving interior design business.

Rigorous down to the last detail, friendly character, and communicative and social personality, as founder partner has managed to impregnate the team one of the main values that define today’s "Molins hallmark" as a studio focused on the pursuit of excellence in customer experience.

Its relentless struggle to preserve quality throughout the service delivery chain is reflected from the beginning in the first contact with customers who place confidence in our studio, and is preserved until the end, with an after-sales service of accompaniment in the day to day of the needs of maintenance that arise in the spaces after being delivered.

Project team

Estíbaliz González de Uriarte

Architect and project manager

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The development since childhood of fantastic worlds, together with the taste for order and control of space inherited from my family during my youth, forged my personality so that years later I became interested in the world of architecture.

This interest, born in the oldest architecture, pushed me to move to the city of San Sebastián to study at the Escuela Técnica Superior.
Captivated by the beauty of the Basque city, I decided to settle in the area and start my professional stage in the small fishing village of Hondarribia, where I immersed myself in the field of interior design and decoration, which I would later perfect through the Master of Residential Interior Design taught by the EsDesign school in Barcelona.

In 2018 I joined the Molins Design team as Project Manager, managing, together with Bernat Marcillas and Toni Molins, residential and commercial projects.
My perception of work and control allow me to lead several projects simultaneously without losing detail, offering the client an environment of security and professionalism.

Alex Gallach | Molins Design

Alex Gallach


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A lifelong Barcelonian, I have always been passionate about models, creative with crafts and a lover of technical drawing. A combination that, together with a good spatial vision, made me decide to study architecture, graduating in 2020 by the ETSAB.

At a professional level, I started in the sector relatively early, while I was in my second year of my degree, doing academic internships in several architectural firms in Barcelona over the years.

After my time in the Portuguese city of Porto in 2017, where I studied for a year in the renowned faculty of architecture of Álvaro Siza, I gained awareness of the importance of details in construction and its finishes, a very characteristic feature in Portuguese architects, whose works stand out for being pure and very beautiful. That is where my predilection for rehabilitation and the small scale of detail began.

In 2022 I joined Molins Design, where I contribute on a human level with my positivism and team spirit, and with my rigor and perseverance in the project design process.

María Calleja | Molins Design

María Calleja


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It was my restlessness and admiration for the artistic field, which from a very early age guided me to what in the future, and now present, would be my profession and vocation.

I began my training in Architecture in my hometown, Valladolid. However, it was my curiosity and constant search for personal enrichment that moved me to the Italian capital, Rome, where I continued my academic and linguistic studies for a year. Back in Valladolid, my ambition changed my coordinates again, so that, the following year, I was finishing my studies at the University of Barcelona, the city where, that same year, I would begin my professional career.

At the age of 24, I became the youngest member of the Molins team. Positivity and perseverance are part of my cheerful character and therefore, of the attitude with which I manage my day to day in the studio.

Purchasing and administration
Sergio Núñez | Molins Design

Sergio Núñez


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Graduated in Business Administration and Management from the University of Barcelona in 2018, I take my first steps in the world of work performing management functions in the Public Sector.

My desire to learn and continue growing, both on a personal and work level, led me to continue completing my training by studying in 2020 the Master in Financial Management and Management Control at the EAE Bussines School. A fact that allowed me to scale and perform the functions of a Senior Accounting Technician with complete autonomy and responsibility.

At the beginning of 2022, in order to fulfill my objectives and make a qualitative leap in my professional career, I joined Molins Design to perform accounting and financial functions.

Versatile and of a social and open nature, I try to provide Molins Design, as well as its projects, with a global, precise and orderly vision.

Cristina Esteso | Molins Design

Cristina Esteso


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Administrative and accountant, Molins Design has discovered me the world of interior design and decoration, a world unknown to me, as I had worked in other very different sectors.

I have always liked to look for "little treasures" to decorate my own home, it is one of the things I enjoy the most. That is why it is a pleasure to work for Molins and discover all the brands they work with, to know first hand how the projects are carried out and to do my bit to add to this great team, which works with great professionalism and affection to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied.

Laia Benabarre | Molins Design

Laia Benabarre


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I have always been interested in the world of communication and that is why I studied Audiovisual Communication and Journalism.

I am passionate about the world of journalism and communication. I am interested in new technologies and the possibilities offered by social networks as a mechanism for exchange and generation of content and information. Exploring the new ways offered by marketing and the creation of new content. I love reading, writing and researching. I am passionate about learning and discovering new things.

Another of my great passions and what I enjoy most in my free time, is to seek inspiration and read about decoration, home tricks and order. That's why when I was offered the opportunity to work at Molins Design it was a resounding yes. From inside the studio I try to show how it is to work and the day to day of an interior design studio.