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How we like summer! And, if we talk about summer, as interior decorators we also have to talk about the design of terraces and the long times that we will spend there during the long months of vacation. Fortunately, summer has that special point that invites to meet, to meet with our loved ones and extend the nights.

The design of outdoor terraces has nowadays become an aspect to take into account in the home. In fact, we call all those who may have houses with terraces lucky. In other words, it is commented that who has a terrace has a great treasure.

However, we do not always know what type of terrace will combine best with our home. Therefore, in today’s post we are going to give you some exterior architecture advice. We will list some ideas of modern terraces and other recommendations to successfully complete your exterior renovation. Before you begin, remember that the best design and decoration of terraces will be the one that matches our style and solves our needs.

Outdoor furniture, the basics

To be able to consider a ‘habitable’ outdoor area it is necessary to have a good table on the terrace of our home. Starting from this base, we will try to know how to distribute and decorate the space around it. It will be enough to place some terrace tables and armchairs, depending on the size of our exteriors.

Another of the basic elements and to take into account, before thinking about other accessories, are the outdoor lamps. The lighting of terraces is a world, as you can see. It is perhaps because it is the lighting that will make it shine or not on night evenings. Using pendant and dimmable lamps, as well as different ambient lights, will give us game to have the table well lit and in a natural way.

The outdoor design materials

If we focus on the exterior materials that we must choose, there is no decalogue that says which ones are the best. But some recommendations as to how they should be. For small spaces, for example, opting for folding and stackable furniture will help us to gain space. And, although we have a large terrace, another perfect quality for outdoor furniture is that they do not weigh too much.

Indoor terraces

It is a clear trend to create houses with outdoor terraces, but closed in some way, or with option to close.

One of the best options is to use a glass closure, where we create doors and windows, which can be opened and closed according to needs. These closures are embedded in stainless steel structures, resistant to different weather conditions.

We get like this, create the design of terraces useful for the whole year.