The Barrisol and its uses for the interior designer


Surely those who read us and are from our sector will know the material that we want to talk about today, specially if you are interior designer, the Barrisol. For those who do not know it, read carefully cause you will be surprised by what this material is capable of and how much it is present in different emblematic buildings.

It is usually used in the construction of ceilings, and is a non-flammable PVC sheet that is compressed under the effect of heat thanks to a specific tracking system, through rods. In plain view, it resembles a stretched fabric. This ‘fabric’ adapts to the shape of the frame through a few laces, allowing to create unique creations. These frames can have any shape, since the Barrisol adapts to straight, round, sloping shapes, etc.

Today, Barrisol is applied by different professionals, from architects to decorators and interior designers. Emblematic and urban structures, such as the Coliseum in Rome and the Baltimore Airport, have rehabilitation and construction, respectively, with Barrisol structures.

It also offers specific features at a light level, distributing light equally throughout its structure due to its properties and density. That characteristic makes it very suitable for small pieces inside a home. Particularly we have installed some of these sheets after shelves or mirrors with concrete lighting, giving a very elegant and aesthetic result.

There are many reasons to opt for the barrisol, but without doubt one of the most convincing is its resistance. Both changes in temperature and water and erosion by natural phenomena. In any case, its module structure allows it to be quickly and simply dismantled in case of repair.