The best interior design projects in Barcelona by Molins Design

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What are the three best interior design projects in Barcelona by Molins Design? What were we looking for in them? We review its origin and explain it to you

Molins design is explained and understood from the city of Barcelona. Although in recent years we have entered a phase of expansion, our backbone is in interior design projects in Barcelona.

Throughout our professional career, as an interior design studio in Barcelona, ​​we have carried out an endless number of interior design and reform projects. We are going to take advantage of this small stop in the path that the current health emergency has put before us to recover and highlight our top 3 of reforms and interior design.

Top 3 of the work of decorators and interior designers of Molins Design

1. Bilov Penthouse

It is a dream duplex located in Diagonal Mar. With panoramic views of the bay of Barcelona and luxury interior design in Barcelona. This house becomes the ideal place to enjoy it 365 days a year.

Due to its location, one of our main objectives was to enhance its views and make them reach as many corners of the house as possible. At the same time, achieving wider spaces and an interior design that includes natural light as one more element.

Interiorismo de

Luxury interior design in Barcelona

Due to its finishes, its location and the comforts implemented in this project, Penthouse Bilov is one of our best examples of luxury interior design in Barcelona.

2. Ron House

Ron is a single-family home in the heart of Barcelona, ​​with all kinds of amenities and equipped to meet new needs. Although the client contacted us to carry out a styling in terms of interior decoration, the final project resulted in one of the deepest comprehensive reforms we have carried out.

It ended up including the exterior in the interior design project, so the challenges increased but the general concept could be better closed. Focusing on this outer space, it could be said that in some way we expanded the useful meters gaining space outside.

We create a sealed and habitable pergola during all months of the year. The incorporation of this structure turned it into an interior architecture project in Barcelona, ​​since the weights, lines and shapes occupied us a good part of the first project, trying to combine aesthetics and functionality in a neat execution.

A deep exercise in interior architecture

We create interior spaces outdoors. The interior architecture of this house changed completely by incorporating new elements

Rochi proyecto interiorismo en Barcelona | Molins Design interioristas

3. Rochi

It’s been a long time since this magnificent interior decoration project. However, every time we remember him we fall in love with him again. Its originality and peculiarity make it more than just a domestic home, we could say that thanks to its interior design, it takes us on a pleasant ethnographic journey.

It is located in a quiet neighborhood of the city and has more than 150 m2 arranged in a semicircular floor. After our intervention as decorators and interior designers in Barcelona, ​​all the spaces returned to a strong personality and a great increase in light. After all, it was a perfect blank canvas that needed an interior design studio in Barcelona to shine with its own light.

Roci proyecto de interiorismo en Barcelona | Molins Design Interioristas

A journey through interior decoration

A clear example of how interior decoration can and should describe its tenants, thus creating a harmony between being and space