The courtesy bathrooms


It might seem that the courtesy bathrooms are a thing of the past century, but, as interior architects, we can assure that they are on the agenda and are characterized by certain aspects that differentiate them from the other bathrooms we can have in our home

Although they are courtesy, as its title indicates, we should not fall into the mistake of creating a small and poorly distributed space, which will relegate it to a complementary space. As we have already commented, it is possible to make a nice place and even ‘enlarge’ it’s possible.

For this reason, we provide some solutions that will undoubtedly be very useful for us to achieve our goal.

Shower, toilet and washbasin: We have to choose those pieces that occupy a small space. Obviously a shower tray in the place of a bathtub and abou the washbasin and toilet; calculate the movement space between them and get the area cleared for two reasons; Extension of the movement space and therefore functionality. And in the second place, a sensation of amplitude for smaller than the space.

Lighting: Important to use highlights, if we have the possibility to use LEDs, either as a horizontal or circular bars. Keep in mind that the light, in this case, must be an enlarging element, so that if these lights are embedded, without hanging elements, we also win in space.

Furniture and accessories: When dealing with bathrooms that do not have daily use, we do not have to stuff up the space with closets, shelves and hangers. The basic furniture will be enough, for example: a small closet using an intransitable corner or place, a single hanger and some small shelf. To put it in some words, stay with the basics.

Decoration: It is always important, and it would be an incongruity that we, as interior decorators, did not give it to us. However, if somewhere we have to spare it, it will be here. Everything depends, as we have said, on the dimensions of the bathroom. If the space is very small, a small air conditioning plant will be sufficient. The decor is usually appreciated from a certain distance point, so if it is for example a space of 3x2m, any decorative object can be annoying. When we talk about decoration, in this case, we do not thinking on the borders or motifs that may include tiles and walls of the bathroom, which are already defective since its creation and usually go with the other bathrooms or motifs of the bathroom.

Therefore, regardless of the size of the courtesy bathroom, with these tips we can get closer to getting our guests to feel this bathroom as their own for as long as they use it, finding the midpoint between purity and simplicity and the comfort of a well thought space.