The best tips for changing your home windows before winter arrives


Do you get cold through the windows? Did one of them break down and now it does not close properly? If you think the time has come to change the windows at home, we explain how to do it and what you should take into account to improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of your home.

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Reforming the closing elements of a house is not an easy task. And, although the benefits in terms of thermal and acoustic comfort, savings and security can be very considerable, the truth is that changing the windows of the house is not something trivial. In addition, its installation and assembly means having to condition our home for some works. Something that, for most of us, is a real headache.

In today’s article we explain the reasons why you should consider changing the windows at home and not miss the opportunity to improve the comfort of your home. So, if you need to improve the thermal insulation of your home and save a peak in the heating bill, from Molins Design we are going to give you the keys to choose the best windows for your home.

When is it necessary to change the windows at home?

As the years go by, doors and windows stop offering those features that make us feel comfortable inside our homes. But, how do we know when to change the windows at home?

The first symptom we should pay attention to is the issue of condensation. If when you wake up you see traces of humidity on the glass of your windows, it means that these closing elements have lost their properties. This first symptom is usually accompanied by an increase in the heating bill. So, if you find yourself in this case, it may be advisable to replace the windows in your home.

We can also take as a warning that something is not working well when strong currents of cold air enter through the window or water leaks when it rains. If at any time something similar happens to you, it will be convenient to change the old windows for new ones, which offer higher quality features.

Another sign that can make you think about renewing each and every one of the closing elements of our house is the filtration of noises from the outside. If when being quiet at home you hear any noise from the street, no matter how small it is, it is also a clear indicator that we should make a change of windows.

Types of profiles and glazing

When choosing new windows for your home, you will discover that there are several types of profiles: aluminum, PVC or wood. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, so it will be essential to know them in depth before choosing one.

It is also very important to know the different types of window sashes and their degree of insulation. For example, it is not the same to choose a tilt and turn or casement window, which insulates very well thermally and acoustically, than the classic sliding ones. The latter have the advantage of taking up space when opening, but do not allow a total opening and insulate much less.

As for the different types of glass for windows, we highlight these 3 options:

Double glazing or thermal break: double glazing with an air chamber between the different sheets of glass. This chamber is called thermal bridge and reduces the temperature transfer between the different layers of glass. This glazing helps to reduce noise pollution. Therefore, this type of window glass is one of the best solutions to insulate a house.

Low-e glass: better known as low-emissivity glass, which is usually manufactured with double glazing and is the ideal option for improving energy efficiency in the home. Different types of metals with silver content are applied to one side of the glass sheet. Improvements that offer a darkening effect, which in turn manages to reduce solar radiation entering the interior of the house.

Solar control glass: glass treated in such a way as to reduce the passage of ultraviolet light through the glass. Their installation is highly recommended in houses facing south, east or west, i.e. with a lot of sun exposure.

How much does it cost to install new windows?

The total budget must be personalized according to the number of windows in your home. Therefore, there is no guide price, but it is influenced by several factors:

The type of window opening: the price will vary depending on whether we choose casement, sliding or tilt and turn windows.

The choice of the profiles: prices can vary (and a lot) depending on whether we choose wood, aluminum or PVC profiles.

The type of glass: double glazing with thermal break are the most efficient and the most expensive.

Labor: each installer has different prices and rates.

The best tricks to insulate windows from the cold

If you have already decided to change the windows of your house, before you start, we recommend you to follow these small tips:

Contact a professional

It is very important that an expert in the sector performs a correct measurement of the gaps of each window to change and the section of the frame and guide of the shutter. This staff should also be able to advise you on the most advisable window system for your home, as well as on the way in which they will carry out the assembly and the finishing touches. Before signing an estimate, you should be clear about all the pros and cons of each option, as well as the possible contingencies in the dismantling of your old windows.

If you change the windows, change the blinds as well.

Years ago, the windows and the shutter box were separate elements. Therefore, separate wooden boxes were made to house the shutter mechanism, which was independent of the window structure in question.

Nowadays, windows have changed their system and now offer a monoblock assembly system, with an integrated shutter box, which decisively improves insulation. For this reason, it is highly recommended to change everything, window and shutter, and enjoy a completely new closing element.

Don’t forget home automation!

The blinds that are usually installed in modern homes acquire motors to raise and lower them in a programmed way, even when you are not inside the house. In fact, many homeowners opt for the installation of motorized blinds to control their opening and closing remotely, scaring away the assault of thieves and / or occupants during the vacations or during long periods in which our home will be empty.

In addition, this automation substantially improves the insulation of the windows and saves many problems with the chains of traditional shutters, which tend to tangle and break over time.

Attention when choosing the type of glazing

They should guide you with the best choice, the one that meets your needs and those of your home. For example, you will not need the same thickness of glass for windows in houses located in large cities, where temperatures are usually higher, than glazing for mountain houses.

Facilitating access to the house

To make the installation of windows as easy and simple as possible for professionals. You must condition the work space so that it is safe and accessible. If this task can be done days before the installation workers arrive home, so much the better.

Cover and protect the furniture in your house.

Prepare your home for the works and avoid unforeseen events. Think that, at the end of the day, we are talking about a renovation that will last for a few days. Therefore, avoid that your furniture or decorative elements are left lying around and can get damaged.

Cambiar las ventanas de casa - Molins Design
Elementos para aislar el frío en casa
Cambiar las ventanas de casa - Molins Design