Tips for summer decoration


In summer, not only does the weather and the hours of sunshine change, but there is also that magnificent feeling that everything touches it. People go out more, plan more activities and are also more likely to propose the already classic summer evenings in homes, especially if there is a small or large outdoor or fresh space. Therefore, summer decoration should be a joy, a change for what will come, a few months enjoying the sun.

It is at this last point that we want to focus … How can I turn my house into a summer home? What trends will star in summer decoration? We will try to address all these issues and try to inspire you with some ideas to decorate the house in summer.


We could classify trends for this summer 2019 into three main styles. Obviously, as every year the Mediterranean style is the safe bet to get it right, but other tendencies are also breaking through, among which we highlight two, which in our opinion, do so with more force than others.

We talk about a first decorative style based on organic and ecological, as well as references to the animal world, while on the other hand turning your home into a small jungle is another option that takes outside this summer.


The Mediterranean is present in the decoration of houses through different elements. Among them the style of furniture, the type of fabrics, colors, details, etc.

As the name implies, it takes inspiration from houses built on the Mediterranean coast, where the furniture is simple, usually they are wicker and wood furniture.

The fabrics also play a vital role, being these of softer textures and vivid colors. As well as the details in navy blue, which do not fail when looking for this style.

The combination of wrought iron with wood also creates a Mediterranean atmosphere, as well as having floral elements, either in fabrics and prints or directly with plants and shrubs that grow in this area.


decorar en verano

Eco-friendly decoration

Although at the time of its appearance it might seem a passing fad, the eco-friendly style and strong presence of organic elements has arrived to stay, perhaps following a general trend in other areas, where awareness of the environment and the use of Natural resources is growing.

This style is based largely on the taste for craftsmanship and the recovery of old pieces, reusing those pieces that are well preserved and avoiding a new industrial process.

Glass and wood also come into action, being elements of an ecological culture, in addition to providing luminosity and giving a touch of warmth to decorate in summer

Decoración de verano blanca | Molins Design interioristas

Urban jungle style

How to decorate the house with plants or turn it into a lung in the meantime urban stimulus. When we talk about Urban Jungle we refer to a style where the jungle enters the house directly, the plants are the real protagonists and the best friends of the furniture.

Obviously, this option involves some sacrifices and special attention, so before deciding to implement it you have to know what it means, in terms of care time and especially also with regard to the conditions of our house or floor a dry or wet place? Do I have a good light?

Of course, all these cares and questions could also be reduced to opting for an option of artificial vegetation, although clearly not the same. But, it is not only about filling the house with plants, but it can be complemented with floral patterns on the fabrics, landscape paintings, natural elements or even a decorative paper.


decoracion de verano
decorando verano


If summer comes everything changes, why not change our home too? It is not necessary that we engage in a great change and revolution at home, but if taking into account small details, we can decorate in summer and give it a fresh and refreshed air.

– Change the color of the cushion covers (bet on ocher and earth colors)

– Use a fabric or a cotton sofa cover for our leather or velvet sofa.

– Remove carpets or replace them with natural fiber ones

– Place hammocks or swings inside the house and break with the normal ’normal’ ’

– Get some more plant

– Cleanse the space by removing objects and furniture that we may not need in summer. Free space brings us freshness.