Trends in interior decoration for 2019


Our day to day, digital culture and our trips to the most important fairs in Europe, allow us to get a fairly solid idea of ​​the trends of each year in interior decoration.

Specifically, in 2019, and already reached the nearest quarter months of the year, it seems that it is located to finally be able to make sure how it is being decorated and decorated in the coming months.

Interior decoration: Handmade is back

Thus, one of the most important interior decoration holders of this year, as a summary, would undoubtedly be the return of the rustic. In the first place, the rustic has never disappeared, however, a clear trend in interior decoration of these elements is again observed, moreover, they have come to stay. It is no longer a passing fad, but more and more homes are nurtured in this style, whether urban or not. This is mainly observed in recycled, handmade articles, finished with natural materials. As for example with the beams or columns, which are being located in those homes that look for this aesthetic and do not have them of origin.

Interior decoration: The Colors

They will be protagonists during this 2019 colors like the pink, yellow mustard, lilacs and the gray and dark green. They are colors that have always been used, however, now they reappear, always with mate finishes. These are shown above all on sofas, bedsheets, cushions and even furniture finishes.

Interior decoration: The materials

The materials, in furniture above all, are still monopolized by wood, iron and stone. In particular, as far as wood is concerned, we observe a change of tendency towards darker tones, abandoning the clear wood that it has reign in the last years. They are also incorporated into the fashion car in decoration of interior materials such as bamboo, wool, clay and different types of metals. These, especially clay, are again present in floors and ceilings, or in the case of metals, in repossessors, railings and dividing elements.