Two Molins Design projects win the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards


The Mansan House project in Barcelona and the Rechson Penthouse in Madrid have been awarded in the Best Residential Interior Design category at the renowned Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

Celebración team Molins - Luxury Lifestyle Awards

What are the Luxury Lifestyle Awards?

The Luxury Lifestyle Awards are prestigious global awards that recognize and promote the best luxury properties and services around the world. A grand jury, recognized for its broad connectivity with luxury, has recently evaluated more than 10,000 properties and services in 400 categories from 60 countries. From this, a new directory-like listing of the best luxury-related products and services in the world is being promoted.  

And the winning projects are...

This year, the experts who make up the jury of these exclusive awards have recognized the passion for design, the constant search for quality, the contribution of new ideas and solutions of Molins Design.

The Molins Design projects awarded by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2021 are two. First, our interior design proposal for the Rechson duplex has been awarded the prize for best luxury residential interior design in Madrid. Meanwhile, Mansan house, has won the award for best luxury residential interior design in the city of Barcelona. Undoubtedly, two projects that demonstrate our uncontainable passion for design and the constant search for new ideas for the home.

Exclusive project in Madrid: Duplex Rechson 

The architectural and decorative proposal carried out in the Rechson duplex in Madrid includes a warm and very pleasant first floor for service and daily use. Here we find the day area, master suite and guest room. On the second floor we find an elegant living room, which connects to an exquisite terrace, occupying most of the rooftop. In fact, it is in this space where functionality and comfort coexist perfectly. Therefore, the floor hosts a new space as an office, where balance and tranquility reign.

Our team of interior designers and decorators opted for elegant and spacious interiors, creating each element and accessory with the creativity and experience that precedes them. In this way, we elegantly connected the two floors with a custom-designed staircase. In addition, we combined the second floor with an exquisite terrace with swimming pool, providing a large multifunctional space through unconventional lighting solutions, high technology and luxurious decoration.  

Duplex Rechson Madrid - Proyecto ganador
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Best interior design for Barcelona: Mansan Housing

The Mansan House project becomes a 450 square meter, four-level house, located in one of the most special neighborhoods in Barcelona. There are bedrooms on the upper level, daily use areas on the street level, as well as a spa area and a garage in the basement. 

Our team made changes to both the exterior and interior of the house, creating a coherent aesthetic and improving its functionality. Together with the designers, we decided to cover the upper level terrace and completely renovate the exterior facade. In addition, we chose to develop a new original staircase and significantly increase the kitchen space while keeping it highly functional.

Mansan House Barcelona- Proyecto ganador
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Thanks a million!


From Molins Design studio we are very honored and happy to have been awarded by the prestigious jury of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards. The decision of the experts to award us is an important achievement for our entire team and inspires us to explore new ideas and solutions.

We cannot say goodbye without first expressing our sincere thanks to the entire team (both internal and external). We would also like to thank all our regular collaborators, who are partners in this award. Finally, we would like to thank our clients for the trust and opportunities they give us year after year – they make it possible for us to continue enjoying our work!